Get to know Sub Zero Wolf.

Posted on Wed, September 21, 2016

We recently sat down with Managing Director, Andrew Mumford and Marketing Manager, Frances Lynch of Sub Zero Wolf to find out more about the origins of the company, product favourites and quirky features that makes Sub Zero Wolf the market leaders in luxury refrigeration and ovens and help support the 'home chefs'. 


Established in 1945 by Westye F Bakke in Madison, Wisconsin, the family run business recently celebrated their 70th birthday. 

Sub Zero Wolf focuses on design, product engineering, quality of build and producing a luxury domestic appliance. It is for this reason that Sub Zero only manufacturers 80-100 fridges each day to ensure quality control in the highest regard. 

In the 1940's, Sub-Zero worked closely with world renowned architect, Frank Lloyd Wright to develop integrated refrigeration. Since then, every fridge manufactured is serviced and vented from the front. In 1954, Sub-Zero Wolf were the first to release the food preservation system of dual refrigeration – separate cooling systems for refrigerator and freezer to ensure optimal humidity and temperature in both zones

Sub-Zero has 48 models in the range offering a food preservation solution to suit any lifestyle. All full height models have a consistent height ensuring even lines and a perfect design aesthetic when multiple models are installed together. (as pictured below). 

             Image: Sub Zero 610mm Wine Storage, Sub Zero 610mm Freezer column and 610mm Refrigerator column

When asked if Andrew had a personal favourite in the Sub-Zero range, Andrew chose the 762mm Integrated Wine Storage which he referred to as a "beverage center." This appliance is unlike anything else on the market - there are 3 different temperature zones to ensure that your beverages are stored at their optimum level.

This beverage center allows you to store your icy cold beer, refreshing champagne and soft drinks between 1 degree and 7 degrees C and your wine can be stored anywhere between 5 degrees to 18 degrees C. To make sure that you're always stocked up for any event, the top fridge drawer comfortably stores 2 slabs in the drawer. 

                                    Image: 762mm Integrated Wine Storage

Moving along the Wolf range, Andrew's favourite product is the 1524mm Dual Fuel Range Ovens. These ovens have two full-sized ovens that are both multi-function which means that you're never restricted to what you want to cook. If you want to batch baking with a fan-forced oven, where you have the capacity to bake 120 biscuits in one batch bake, and at the same time you have 1.5m of cooking space, allows you to have a substantial cooking area. You also have the capacity to have different configurations on top such as tepanyaki plate, up to six gas burners or a BBQ.

ICBDF604CF.jpgImage: Wolf 1524mm Dual Fuel Range Oven

Another unique feature is the dual-stacked gas burner which provides the full spectrum of control - an ultralow flame ideal for simmering up to a high heat for boiling and searing. The Wolf simmer control option gives you the same level of control as induction meaning you can leave chocolate on the stove for 5-6 hours and it will never burn to the base. 

Picture1fds.pngImage: Dual-stacked gas burner 

These products are not only made to last, but the distinct aesthetics and strong product engineering means that with Sub-Zero and Wolf, you'll never fail to be a home chef. 



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The Trend That Will Rope You In

Posted on Wed, September 21, 2016

Even though rope is not a new material on the market, the natural fibre is definitely making a comeback into households. 

With the weather warming up, rope is finding its way back into homes in a fun and eco-friendly way. Rope furnishings add an earthy and rustic touch to every home. Not only is this a fairly inexpensive material to play around with, it is versatile enough to be showcased in a variety of home decor furnishings and today, is one of the hottest design trends on the scene. 

Rope is an excellent material for furniture decoration and creating decorative accessories for your rooms and outdoor living spaces so we thought we'd show you a few ways that you can add some rope into your home. 

1. Rope Placemat

This rope placemat is not only a great way to add some more texture into your kitchen, but in this case, it matches perfectly with the shelving. 

ES-EBentleigh-22565.jpg                       Photographer: Nikole Ramsay 

2. Rugs

Rope rugs are not only chic, but are much more sustainable then other fibres. This image below is a DIY rope rug which was made within the day. 

98621115cf994a699d8e87dbbd5bca1a.jpg                       Image via Bloglovin' 

3. Baskets 

 It's hard to find laundry baskets that adds warmth and layers into the space. 

ES-EBentleigh-22506.jpg                       Photographer: Nikole Ramsay 

4. Lighting 

Rope themed lighting is one of the most popular current home design trends on the scene. These artistic and modern interior ideas add a special charm to any space. 

rope-trend-rope-light.jpg                       Image via Style At Home 

5. Mirror (and towel rail) 

This mirror below is held up and wrapped in rope and matched with the rope towel rails to bring you straight into the feeling that you're in your summer beach house. 

b0f86a4b670de3e0ba06737ac4d8f432.jpg                       Image via Heathered Nest



e&s Spring Sale

Posted on Tue, September 20, 2016

We all love a Spring Clean. But what about a Spring Renovation? Until October 2nd, e&s Spring Sale allows your kitchen, laundry and bathroom to have the best products, while saving on your favourite brands. 











 Click here to  View Catalogue 

 Price is discounted off recommended retail price. We are always willing to negotiate prices below RRP for most product lines. E&S endeavors to ensure that all items are available for the life of the advertisement until sold out. Not all products are on display at all stores. Some items may need to be specially ordered. Any sizes quoted in the advertisement should be considered approximate only. Unless otherwise stated, accessories are not included. We reserve the right to correct errors or misprints. Images are for illustration purposes. * By Redemption. All bonus and rebate offers unless otherwise stated are by redemption only. Freight charges may apply for postage and handling of redemption items. Promotional offers are available for the life of the catalogue or suppliers maximum quantities are redeemed or unless otherwise stated. In all individual supplier promotional offers refer to their website or in store for full terms and conditions. Purchase Must include VZug Oven. Offer only applies to kitchen appliances in our new 2015/2016 catalogue all purchased in one order (appliance means connected to power). T2 clearance stock and commercial purchased excluded. Period of promotion September 1st - October 2nd 2016. 30% deposit and full payment required 90 days to qualify for this discount unless otherwise specified. Images for illustrative purposed only. Visit the website or see in store for details. E&S Trading Co (Discounts) Pty Ltd ABN 71007449265. Valid in store only and excludes online pricing. Offer valid 02/10/2016. See estrading for full terms and conditions. 





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Kohler Veil: the intuitive toilet that takes bathroom luxe to the next level

Posted on Thu, September 15, 2016


We’re the nation that affectionately refers to toilets as “dunnies”, but the latest high-tech toilets to hit the market have rather loftier aspirations.

In Japan, whizz-bang toilets have been popular for years, and across the seas we’re finally turning on to the gadgets that make bathroom rituals decidedly niftier than in the past.

Witness the Kohler Veil, available in Australia exclusively through E&S Trading. The integrated toilet and bidet features touchless flushing, one-touch remote control functionality, a seamless, hygienic rimless bowl, and a built in UV self-cleansing bidet.

Veil_Remote.jpgSource: Kohler website

The seat cover automatically opens and closes on approach, the ergonomic French Curve toilet seat can be warmed to your liking, and the bidet is fitted with jets of varying size and pressure. The cistern is warm air-dried after each use, an automatic deodoriser keeps your bathroom smelling fresh, and when nature calls in the middle of the night, the bowl’s LED lighting will help you find your way in the dark. Wall-mounting for the Veil is optional; choose from three elegant, sculptural designs to fit any bathroom, including the hidden cistern option, great for maximising space.

Best of all is the hardworking internal cleaning system, complete with 78 fine nozzles spraying high-pressure blasts of water, meaning that you’ll never have to pick up a toilet brush again.

Basically, when it comes to luxury toilets, the Kohler Veil has more than got you covered.

Find out everything you need to know about Veil toilets and the extended Kohler range at your nearest e&s showroom today.

Veil_Wall_Hung_Intelligent_Toilet.jpgSource: Kohler website

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Freestanding vs. Built-In Baths

Posted on Sat, September 10, 2016

If you're thinking of renovating your bathroom and are stuck choosing between an built-in or freestanding bath, Homed It discussed all the reasons to choose between one, or the other. 

            Featuring: Aqua Plus Lucite Freestanding Bath & the Kaldewei Eurowa Bath 

Firstly, what is the difference between a freestanding and an built-in bath?

Freestanding - A freestanding bath is finished on all sides and is able to stand alone. 

Built-In - A built-in bath is unfinished on at least two sides (but finished on the top edge) and must be installed against a wall or within a pre-built bath surround or enclosure. 

1. Cost 

This one depends entirely upon the bath design as well as the bath and faucet materials chosen. Freestanding baths have in the past been more of a high-ticket item, but more recently they have become much more affordable.

The surround for a built-in tub can be expensive and certainly add to the overall cost of the fixture, whereas the freestanding bath requires no additional surround. 

                          Featuring: Victoria + Albert Cheshire Freestanding Bath, Berloni Bagno Dolcevita 100 Vanity & Basin, Abey Round Horizontal Shower, Abey Lucia Black Curved Basin Spout,Abey Lucia Shower Mixer, Abey Gareth Ashton Lucia Toilet Roll Holder

2.  Spatial Efficiency 

For the most part, this one goes to the built-ins. Freestanding baths simply take up more space than built-ins due to the space required around the bath itself and the faucet constraints. 

 Featuring: Kohler Abrazo Lithocast Oval Freestanding Bath, Abey Lucia Floor Mounted Bath Mixer with Hand Shower, Berloni Bagno Form PR 100 Basin and Vanity,  Kohler Stillness Chrome Basin SetHatria Daytime Evo Back-To-Wall Toilet Suite 

3. Capacity for Shower/Tub Combo

In general, built-ins take this category, although freestanding baths have been known to pull off the shower/bath combo just as well. Built-in tubs, however are often combined with a wall-mounted shower, and it's hard to argue with two fixtures for the real estate of one. 

                                                                                       Featuring Hansgrohe Puravida 150 3 Jet, Hansgrohe Puravida Basin Mixer,Kohler Forefront Rectangular Vessell Basin 

4. Flexibility in Placement

Freestanding baths win this, hands down. Because of their all-sided finish, freestanding baths can be placed in more places - even in the centre of the bathroom. Built-in baths are constrained to bathroom corners or alcoves. 

                                             Featuring: Forme L'Isola 1500mm Freestanding Bath, Zucchetti Delfi Shower Head With 130mm Ceiling Arm, Hatria Happy Hour Wash Basin

5. Decorative Impact

This one might be arguable, depending on one's personal aesthetic, but freestanding tubs win by nature of their inherent capacity to make a strong visual statement. Standing alone, not one aspect of the freestanding bath "blends in" with the rest of the bathroom, which easily makes them the focal point of the entire bath space. However, built-in baths can allow for you to have fun with tiles and colours. 

                  Featuring:Kaldewei Cayono Bath, Sign Neutra 70 Vanity with Neutra Astone Double Basin, Hansgrohe Axor Starck Shower Set, Zucchetti Platinum Showerhead, Zuchetti Pan Wall Mounted Basin Mixer, Hatria Daytime Evo Wall Face Pan 


So what are you thinking? Freestanding or In-Built? We would love to know your thoughts. 

View the e&s bath range here.



For all these E&S Trading products and more visit your nearest showroom.

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Shaynna Blaze Kitchen Renovation Tips

Posted on Fri, September 09, 2016

Interior design guru and ASKO advocate, Shaynna Blaze shares her tips on how to renovate the heart of the home - the kitchen. 


Image via Shaynaa Blaze 

1. The kitchen's purpose 

The first step to a successful kitchen is deciding on how the kitchen will be used. Shaynna explains that "the configuration and space required depends on the different types of functions in the kitchen other than just cooking. Figure out if it will be used as a seating area at the bench, a place for kids to do homework and if it's part of a full open plan living space."  

2. Don't be afraid to push design boundaries

There are so many design and functional options that can be overwhelming when deciding on the kitchen's design, that many homeowners tend to stick with safer options and neutral colours. Shaynna suggests trying to step outside your comfort zone in small stages by incorporating colour in features like the splashback, bespoke handles and a different colour in the island bench to the main cabinetry of the kitchen. 

3. Don't forget functionality and practicality

While it can be fun to pick out design elements like benchtops, splashbacks and cupboard doors, one of the most crucial aspects of any kitchen is its functionality. "The kitchen layout must be practical," says Shaynna. "Allow for the most commonly used appliances - fridge, sink and oven - to be places in the 'work triangle' so that moving between them all is only a couple of steps away." 

4. Location of appliances

Don't forgot to ensure that there are power points, gas and water outlets located where they are needed. Certain appliances also need to be properly vented to ensure that enough air is circulating around them. Check the manufacturers recommendations for the gaps to leave around each appliance. Shaynna also advises to be sure to account for enough space around fridges and ovens so the door can open fully. 

5. Make room for space and storage

Ensure there is enough space for storing kitchen utensils and crockery. "One of the biggest mistakes you can make when designing a new kitchen is not planning for enough storage space," says Shaynna. "Install deep drawers for easy access to pots, pans and bowls, and slimmer drawers for all your cutlery, cups and plates, leaving the larger cupboard doors for all your pantry needs." Don't forget to make use of the upper wall space to install overhead cupboards and use pull-out corner solutions to provide easy access to items stores in the back corners. 

6. Take advantage of natural light 

Natural lighting adds to the illusion of space and works well with modern, open plan living. If you lack windows, you might opt for large skylights with added benefits of ventilation. Maximise natural lighting by keeping window coverings to a minimum and leave blinds and shutters open. If privacy is an issue, Shaynna suggests opting for a translucent window shade that still allows light in. 

7. Update appliances 

Old appliances can contribute to the kitchen looking out-dates, so consider replacing them with models that suit the new design. "Old appliances in a modern kitchen will turn heads for the wrong reasons," says Shaynna. "Coloured appliances can add a splash of colour and contrast, while simple design and neutral colours can add to a timeless look that will last."

8. Bin it

If space allows, plan for a recycling bin in addition to the general waste to make managing rubbish more efficient. "A pull out bin hidden in the cabinetry keeps your kitchen design sleek and keeps the mess out of site." Says Shaynna. 

9. Counter Island

If there are plans to install an island or bench, try and opt for enough overhang to allow for comfortable seating and, with the addition of power, the island turns the area into an instant work station hub," says Shaynna. 

10. Kitchen Sink

Shaynna's list tip is the type of kitchen sink. "Look at styles that have accessories like chopping boards, drainage trays and stainless covers. These help create extra bench space in small areas and the covers let you hide the mess when you are more interested in entertaining." 


For all these E&S Trading products and more visit your nearest showroom.

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Milan Bathroom Trends

Posted on Wed, September 07, 2016

The team at Caroma recently went to Salone del Mobile in Milan which is the largest trade show of its kind. 

They came back with a wealth of knowledge and have shared what they identify to be the emerging trends in bathroom and kitchen design. 


Image via Boscolo Milano


1. Thinner edges and lines 

Throughout the tradeshow, there was a dramatic increase in the number of manufacturers releasing thin edged basins compared to the last trade show in 2014. New casting techniques allowed for a more traditional vitreous china and fire clay materials to be utilised to product thin edge designs. This trend has been most visibly applied to tapware and accessories where the adoption of stainless steel as a mainstream material lead to many designs produced from plate and thin tube.



2. Textured surfaces and finishes 

Textured surfaces and finishes were the second biggest trend noticed throughout the tradeshow. Timber laminates, both natural and synthetic, which use strong grains were very popular. 

Metallic and concrete taps made an appearance, while engineered stones with strong textures were also being displayed. 

Textured splashbacks (including pressed metal), were evident in kitchens with the inclusion of lighting to assist in achieving a dramatic effect.  


3. Minimalism 

Spaces were seen to be more simplistic with an absence of unnecessary detail, in some cases incorporating the use of exposed supports. While minimalistic, the cold and stark look was not evident and rather, was applied in unique applications such as the integration of basins and sinks to create a seamless, uninterrupted surface appearance. 

Kitchen appliances such as scales, burners and induction elements were embedded into the underside of the stone countertops. 


 4. Organic  

Diversity was celebrated with timber grains and stone veins being featured with minimal processing of the raw material which added individuality to furniture design. 

Stone was not over polished and cracks in the material was not hidden, and was being used as a feature. Taps were seen to be made from pebbles, and shrouded toilets were showcased using a timber as a shroud material. 


5. Storage & Accessories

This trend was the concept of steering away from concealing personal effects, and was replaced with open or modular storage solutions in both bathroom and kitchen designs. This allows the opportunity for colour and personal style to be introduced and displayed through objects and accessories. 

Kitchens featured various degrees of open cabinetry or shelving which created a theatrical feel. Functional features such as dish drying racks, and wine bottle chillers were more visible and were being displayed behind transparent doors. 


6. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel in tapware grew exponentially in popularity because of its lead free properties. As this material is harder to machine than brass and generally available in sheet, plate and pipe formats, it was driving both the design and finish of the products utilizing it. 


7. Colours

The three main colours palettes being used were : 

- Neutrals
- Dusty Romantics (like pale pastel pink and green hues) 
- Moody Royals (rich deep blue, burgundy, brown and green) 

In the bathroom space, the vitreous china colour palette was more restrained, and was more limited to neutral, beige and matte white.

The tapware colour palette was more diverse. Many more metallic colours and surface finishes were being offered alongside the traditional brightly polished chrome, gold and copper.


8. Refinement 

An over-arching observation throughout the show is that the design has become more refined, considered and measured. 

Subtly integration of functionality and detail without adding complexity through components or technology. 

The quality of materials and finishes, as well as an increasing level of details execution in both design and production of kitchen and bathroom products has added a new level of sophistication to these spaces. 

Thank you so much for Caroma for bringing along these fresh tips all the way from Salone del Mobile, Milan 2016


For all these E&S Trading products and more visit your nearest showroom.

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Smart Bathroom

Posted on Fri, September 02, 2016

At e&s, we love stocking brands that allows your bathroom to be as modern, tech friendly and as chic as you desire. 

We want you to think big, as we show you some of the most forward-thinking and modern bathroom products that we have to offer in the e&s showroom. 

Kohler Moxie Showerhead

Bring music to your shower like never before with the Moxie showerhead wireless Bluetooth speaker. Moxie allows you to wirelessly connect music, news or talk radio with a magnetic speaker in the showerhead. 

With the highest quality sound, the Moxie Shower head is available in both the 5" and 8" depending the size you prefer. The showerhead can be installed as a rain shower or installed off the wall. 


Kaldewei Sound Wave

To continue with the theme of enhancing your bathroom audio experience, we also bring you the Kaldewei Sound Wave bath.

This bath enhances the experience of relaxation by introducing a bath with six sound panels which can be used by connecting up to eight Bluetooth-enabled devices. The bath acts as a sound box to create exceptional sounds with or without water. Indulging in a relaxing bath listening to music via Sound Wave, the sounds are more than audible - they can be gently felt through the bath water. 


Hansgrohe ShowerSelect 

With a touch of a button, Hansgrohe's Shower Select guarantees an easier, more comfortable showering experience.

The ShowerSelect thermostats are equipped with little buttons - so that where you once had to rotate, now you just press: use the Select buttons to switch between different showers, such as the hand or overhead shower. ShowerSelect mixers are ideal for situations where a thermostatic solution is not required. The slender, flat handle enables the user to control the required temperature, with precision – even with soapy hands. The ergonomic and intuitive usability and easy-to-read symbols are ideal for older people, children and those with restricted mobility.




For all these E&S Trading products and more visit your nearest showroom.

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Retro Kitchen Revival

Posted on Wed, August 31, 2016

The October edition of Belle Magazine features some seriously stunning kitchen designs and a range of E&S Trading appliances beautifully complementing each of these renowned designer's projects.

We've picked a few of our favourite kitchens below with designs a throwback to retro interiors of the 70s and 80s. These kitchens all show a common theme of practicality, functionality and concealing as much as possible by incorporating integrated and self-cleaning appliances.

Source: David Flack instagram 
David Flack's 70s-inspired design, with dark timber and marbled benchtops, keeps with the heritage of the home and features E&S Trading Gessi 'Oxygene' tapware.

Source: Belle Magazine instagram 
David Hicks vision was to create a minimalist, functional family kitchen that conceals as much as possible. This is where E&S Trading's Miele fully integrated dishwasher and Miele fully integrated fridge/freezer come into play. Stage right (hiding just out of shot) is our Miele oven and stainless steel gas wok, gas double burner and induction double burner.

Source: KPDO
KPDO brings colour, form and texture to this kitchen design with a nod to interiors from the 70s and 80s. The blue colour scheme certainly offers the wow factor. The E&S Trading Sub-Zero fully integrated ICBBI-30U fridge/freezer is featured in this kitchen.

For all these E&S Trading products and more visit your nearest showroom.

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Shades of Grey

Posted on Tue, August 16, 2016


It’s not quite fifty shades, but the mix of greys in this Balwyn home is superb.

The homeowner’s brief to Let’s Talk Kitchens & Interior was to open up the original small, U-shaped kitchen into a very livable, modern design. Great functionality and quality appliances were also high up on the agenda. When designer Markus Sawatzki delivered the results, the space speaks for itself.




There’s a certain imposing look about the kitchen, which Markus nailed with a smoky palette and dramatic style. Dark cabinetry and black subway tiles splashback lends a masculine tone, elegantly offset by the whites on the walls, ceilings and benchtops. A generous size freestanding island bar sits right in the centre, serving as a prep area and breakfast bar. The new design also incorporated a new study area and gives access to the laundry.



When it comes to appliances, there are no compromises. The majestic looking WOLF cooker is the star of the kitchen and screams luxury with its impeccable style and quality. Along with other outstanding products from Miele, Qasair and Neff, this kitchen will satisfy the most demanding home chef.



e&s is proud to partner Let’s Talk Kitchens & Interior as a kitchen, bathroom and laundry specialist. We offer a range of exclusive brands and products to customers with a discerning eye for quality and aesthetic. Discover them at our showrooms today!

See more inspirational Australian homes on Spaces.

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