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Blanco Enigma Oven Range – Exclusive to E&S Trading


Blanco HQ

Since 1925, Blanco has only one goal, and that’s to deliver a premium experience by approaching all things they create with impeccable style and intelligence. With that said, if you have experienced Blanco’s finest Enigma collection, we are sure you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Blanco enigma oven

Engima’s range of extraordinary built-in ovens epitomise the very best in European styling and quality craftsmanship. Among the many advanced features that we love about it, the state-of-the-art QuartzClean interior and side racks definitely worked it for us.

Blanco has developed an innovative QuartzClean vitreous enamel which is highly scratch and acid resistant. Go ahead - spill red wine, lemon juice or stain your oven with that dreaded beeroot; the even and precise coating of the high grade enamel ensures the spill settle on the surface without being absorbed, preventing discolouration over time.

Blanco enigma oven interior

Even more brilliant is that the QuartzClean enamel makes it possible for the side racks and baking tray to remain in the oven during its pyrolytic cleaning cycle, where temperatures reach up to 500 degrees Celsius. This highly efficient cleaning system burns away all grease and residue, leaving only a thin film of ash which is easily wiped away with a damp cloth.

Blanco enigma Quartzclean

When it comes to the performance of the oven, Blanco sets new benchmark by delivering dishes cooked to perfection, but in a way that breaks all your traditional cooking rules.

With the Auto Cook function, you can literally just place the food in the oven cavity and the oven will take care of itself. Oh yes, we are even talking about a cold start – no pre-heating of oven required! Using moisture sensors, the oven will intelligently determine the overall result and set the most appropriate cooking method and temperature. Talk about being a pro without the effort!

Blanco auto cookHome-baked bread using Auto Cook function

Enigma ovens stayed away from your typical multi-function cooking interface where you select the type of cooking element to turn on – for example conventional, fan-assist, top grill, lower element, etc.

Well let’s face it, most of us only ever use fan with conventional mode. Now if you’re wearing a guilty face, don’t feel too bad because Enigma oven will totally change the way you cook; this range of amazing ovens boast an intuitive menu option where you simply choose the dish you are cooking, and the oven will choose the best function and temperature for that dish.

Blanco Enigma intuitive menu

Each function has been paired with popular food categories, allowing you to choose the right function every time. It even tells you which shelf level to place your food on! Finally an intelligent oven that takes the guess work out of cooking.

Additionally, we also love the temperature booster function. This is an auto-feature that comes on automatically to compensate any heat lost when opening the door. It brings the temperature in the oven up a notch to maintain the integrity of the food inside, meaning you don’t have to worry about heat loss when you open the door to sneak a quick peek.

BOSE635AX Blanco enigmaNow don’t just take out word for it, come and experience Blanco Enigma range for yourself at E&S Trading. Or talk to one of our awesome store consultants and sign up for a free Blanco cooking demonstration class for a hands-on experience.

Blanco Enigma is exclusive to E&S Trading.

We ❤ Renos

RenovatorsSale WebBanner nolink

Sorry, this sale has ended.

There is Mother’s Day. There is also Secretary's Day. And International Coffee Day.  Wait a minute... even World Nutella Day? Now give me one good reason why isn’t there a Renovators’ Day already?!

At E&S Trading, we love renovations and we declare our own Renovators’ Month (just because we can)! Starting 24th Feb, when you visit any E&S Trading showroom you’ll receive 20% off RRP across selected kitchen, bathroom and laundry products.

So renovators, what are you waiting for? Quick grab your pen and paper, notebook, computer, phone, ipad or anything you can get your hands on and start jotting down your shopping list.

Discover incredible prices across E&S Trading's awesome range of kitchen appliances including ovens, cooktops, rangehoods, dishwashers and fridges, as well as quality bathroom wares including basins, baths, showers and toilets. Plus we’ve got you covered in the laundry room with the latest washing machines and dryers.  Across the store, delight in sensational deals on top brands including Siemens, Smeg, Electrolux, ILVE, Westinghouse, Hatria, Villeroy & Boch and plenty more.

This is one sale not to be missed! If you’re like us, love the smell of new paint and the sight of shiny new appliances, pop into your nearest E&S Trading showroom for our Renovators Sale before 23rd Mar 2014.

Happy renovating, everyone!

*T&C: Excludes existing specials & (E.D.L.P), Kitchenaid, Sub-Zero, Wolf, Falcon, Neff, Miele, Gaggenau, Hoover, Asko, GE & small appliances , Steel, Capital, DCS. Valid in store only and excludes online pricing.

Perfect Kitchens for Compact Living

Small Home Compact Living (1)

When space is at premium, it’s important that everything in your home is efficient; we’re talking about being tiny but mighty. Having a clever design and choosing the right appliances mean that you don’t have to compromise on function or style.

Read on for lots of ideas on creating the perfect kitchen for compact living.

Small Home Compact Living (2)

Let Your Walls Give You A Hand

If you’ve ever cooked a big complicated meal you’ll know that there just isn’t time enough to dig through drawers to find that cheese grater or measuring cup or lid for your pot. Open shelves and rails keep all of your frequently used cooking tools within arms reach and easy to find, so you can concentrate on your soufflé.

Small Home Compact Living (3)

Disguising Clutter as Decoration

When you need storage in a small space, cabinetry can make the area feel tight and closed-in. Why not opt for open shelving instead? It’s also eco + pocket-friendly since you’re not purchasing a set of upper cabinets.

Consider installing sliding translucent panels to make any clutter look less obvious and you can even play up the design if you want to turn it into a focus feature in the kitchen. Or to keep it simple, just pop in little flowers into a few empty jars and your kitchen will look intentionally shabby chic. Totally genius, right?

Small Home Compact Living (4)

Never Leave Dirty Dishes in the Sink

It doesn’t take a neat freak to notice how a sink full of dishes can make a kitchen feel claustrophobic. The best way to tackle this is to keep the dishes out of sight, preferably like somewhere in a dishwasher.

Fisher & Paykel dd60scx6

Fisher & Paykel have moved away from the traditional stand-alone dishwasher to create integrated compact models that save space. The single DishDrawer™ dishwasher is great for our tiny kitchen in this instance. Designed for up to 7 place settings, the DD60SCX7 boasts excellent water (4.5 star) and energy (3.5 star) ratings.

Small Home Compact Living (5a)

Keep it Slim

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the refrigerator must be the key to keeping it running. No other kitchen appliance gets as much of a workout or is depended upon as much as the refrigerator. For the kitchen that is wee in size, we recommend a slim fridge such as SMEG’s FAB range.

Compact living Smeg slim fridge

SMEG is synonymous with its iconic FAB retro-style fridges. Available in exciting colours and designs, the FAB 32 two-door range in particular has a special place in our hearts. It's slim enough to fit into a narrow kitchen but still provides a comfortable 206 litre capacity. Who ever said you're stuck between choosing style or functionality?!


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Some people love 'em, some people hate 'em. I love them for their ability to make a kitchen seem brighter and twice as big. If your kitchen doesn't come with built-in mirrored backsplashes, you can add one by simplying leaning a not-so-tall mirror there.

Small Home Compact Living (7)

Let the Light in

Sunshine is your best friend when it comes to a small kitchen. If there is no exterior wall to put a window into, create skylight on your ceiling. Not only do you reduce your need for artificial lighting, natural daylight creates a pleasing ambience which makes you feel good when you’re cooking!

There you have it, the essentials of a perfect compact kitchen. For five decades, E&S Trading has been a home entertainer’s paradise. Our showrooms boast some of the world’s best kitchen appliances including brands like Sub-Zero, Wolf, Siemens, Gaggenau, ILVE, SMEG and more. If you’re looking for ideas on rebuilding your dream kitchen, why not pop over for a chat with our friendly and knowledgeable consultants?

Currently with five convenient locations throughout Victoria – Blackburn, Chadstone, Essendon, Moorabbin and Geelong – there is really no excuse to give our showrooms a miss! Click here for our store locations.


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7 Reasons Why You Need a Dishwasher



If the upside to a meal is eating, then the downside is the dirty dishes that come afterward. But it’s not like we’re going to be eating every dinner on paper plates, so cleaning dishes is something sadly inevitable. Which brings us to today’s blog topic – do you have a dishwasher to do your dishes or are you the dish washer at home?

For those of us with a dishwasher, you know there’s no way you’re going back to manual soaping and scrubbing again. Now if you never grew up with one and don’t think you need one, then jump on board because you’re about to enter the wonderful world of dishwashers.

Here’s 7 reasons why we think dishwashers are the way forward.

1. You don’t have to do the dishes

Relaxing no dishes

Well duh, that’s pretty obvious. The whole point of having a dishwasher is so that you don’t have to do the washing up. Once you have loaded all the dishes, simply turn on the power and let your little guy work his magic. Meanwhile you can be outside enjoying the summer sun and sipping a glass of red. Oooh ahhh.


2. Water Usage - Handwash vs. Dishwasher

Dishwashing Cleaning Dishes 03

Did you know that many dishwashers actually use less water than kitchen sinks?

Before you say it’s not plausible, think again. Even though dishwashers have the frightening appearance of a huge hollow box – way bigger than your average kitchen sink, they do not completely fill up with water. The big capacity is for you to stuff it with dishes, and only a relatively small amount of water is sprayed all over your dishes. In fact, most dishwashers actually recycle and reuse some of the water. Comparatively, washing up at the sink has been proven to use more water per place-setting than washing by hand.


3. Zap the Germs

dishwasher inside

One of the reasons dishes come out cleaner in a dishwasher – also making it more hygienic – is that a dishwasher can use higher temperatures than your hands are able to cope with. Together with a strong dishwashing detergent, it’s the hygienic way to protect your family from harmful germs and bacteria that can build up on sponges, dish cloths and tea towels.


4. Sparkling dishes

clean shiny dishes

Effective dishwasher detergents contain far more active ingredients than washing up liquid, ensuring food soils are broken down and washed away during the washing cycle to leave behind nothing but shine. Thanks to rinse agents and latent heat on the dishes, tableware washed in the dishwasher come out with a wonderful shine and free from the spot marks and streaks you can see after washing up at the sink.


5. Soft, Beautiful Hands

soft skin no washing dishes

Okay, so opting for a dishwasher so that you won’t get “dishpan hands” may be a superficial reason, but hey who wants wrinkles on their hands or anywhere else for that matter? Besides how many times have you chipped nails, cut yourself or noticed how rough your skin feels after washing up by hand, especially when you have very sensitive skin?

A dishwasher won’t complain, and will leave your hands to look good and do more useful things!


6. Clutter-free Kitchen

Dishwashing Cleaning Dishes 01

No-one likes coming home to a kitchen with grotty washing-up piled up on the surfaces. It’s unsightly, can smell and when left to dry on, it’s even harder work than normal! With a dishwasher you can quickly pile those dirty dishes out of the way, and only take them out again when they’re clean and sparkling. You just need to remember to turn on the dishwasher though; out of sight but not completely out of mind!


7. No More Squabbles Over Who Does the Dishes

Dishwashing Cleaning Dishes 04

Now who’s turn is it to do the dishes?

The washing up can be a major cause of disharmony at home. Arguments happen over whose turn it is to wash up and the quality of the wash. Plus it’s really not ok to have bits of food scrap still stuck on the dishes and call it done. Invest in a dishwasher and never hear another cleaning squabble again.

If you’re now convinced that you need a dishwasher, pop into an E&S Trading showroom to discover our wide range. Our friendly consultants are always happy to help sort you out. And for whatever reason you don’t feel like leaving your house today, you can also shop and order online at our website!

Dining Out At Home - Smeg Professional Quality Oven in Stores Now!



The great divide between high performance professional kitchen appliances and the domestic alternatives has been all but banished with the arrival of Smeg’s flagship 90cm pyrolytic built-in oven. As the final element in the brand’s collection of new generation, high-performance ovens, the Classic design SAP3900X is both majestic and inspirational in terms of its design and performance.

Stand out innovations include the Thin Film Transistor display with its ultra-clear graphics; S-Logic interface that provides intuitive, simple control of multiple functions; and Smart Sense self-guiding cooking programs.

S-Logic technology delivers a vast array of functions in the most easily accessible form – one function leads seamlessly to another so the user is able to negotiate the controls effortlessly and logically. Smart Sense is a self-guiding program whereby the user can access 50 pre set recipes for meat, fish and vegetable dishes that will advise the optimum temperature, shelf height and duration for the best results every time.

SMEG 90cm pyro oven

Another exciting feature is that labour-intensive cleaning of the generous 90 litre capacity oven is a thing of the past. SAP3900X boasts a full pyrolytic cleaning with a three hour cycle for heavily soiled oven interiors and an eco-energy-saving pyrolytic option that takes 90 minutes and is tailored to lightly soiled ovens.

Packed with these much convenience and incredible details, Smeg’s flagship 90cm pyrolytic built-in oven certainly makes it easy to cook restaurant-quality food at home!

Don’t just take our word for it, come on down to our showroom to experience the quality of Smeg oven for yourself. With 5 stores right across Melbourne & Geelong, there’s no reason to give it a miss!

Electrolux New Inspiration Ovens

Electrolux oven inspirational range (3)

Today’s consumers want outstanding results without turning cooking into a full-time job. That is why Electrolux designed their new Inspirational oven range to deliver flexibility and flavour.

The new Inspirational range oven has new features based on the company’s 90 years of experience equipping professional kitchens - including the kitchens of nearly half of all the Michelin-starred chefs in Europe. With the option of steam assist cooking, advanced self-cleaning system and an improved touch control interface, the new Inspirational ovens easily satisfy the most demanding domestic cooks at home.

Steam Assist With Pyrolytic Cleaning

Electrolux oven inspirational range (5)

60cm pyrolytic & hot steam oven

In a groundbreaking development, Electrolux has combined a steam oven with pyrolytic self-cleaning technology. The amazing steam assist function is a great addition to normal “hot air” cooking. Steam brings out all the natural flavours and goodness in your food, and produces juicy, succulent texture. You can also have the flexibility of adding steam whenever you like with the steam on demand option. Great for adding a bit of moisture to a roast at the end of cooking.

Electrolux oven inspirational range (2)

Electrrolux Combi Steam Inspirational Range

Not only do the steam ovens cook with precision and perfection, now they come with self cleaning programs to get your oven clean without the need for the dreaded scrubbing or harsh chemicals.

When you switch on the pyrolytic mode, high temperatures of around 500 degrees celsius incinerate any grease, grime and residue leaving just a fine layer of ash inside. Once that's done, all you need to do is simply wipe this layer away and you've got a sparkling clean oven ready to use once more.


Simple Design, Intuitive Interface

In the new Inspiration oven interface, clean, architectural lines and authentic materials were chosen to make the appliances distinctive yet adapted to different kinds of style. Choose between black glass or brushed stainless steel to match your kitchen design.

Electrolux oven inspirational range

The control interface has also been simplified to be so intuitive and user-friendly you won’t even need a manual. One of the most amazing aspects of the display is the TFT temperature indicator. Designed with the user in mind, the display changes colour accordingly to illustrate the oven status; highly practical when you’re looking at the temperature from a distance!

Designed in Australia for the needs of Australian cooks, Electrolux Inspirational oven range certainly brings much joy and ease into cooking. Discover these amazing new ovens and more at your nearest E&S Trading showrooms today.

Sale Alert: New Year Clearance On Now!


NYC sale 2013

Sorry, this sale has ended.

Don’t you just love the holiday season? We can live like there is no tomorrow, drink more than we should, and not worry about eating because diet is already on next year’s resolution list. No, not really. The best thing we love about the holiday season is the “S” word.

That’s right – a heart-stopping, exhilarating Sale! And if your S-radar is currently beeping like crazy, that’s because E&S Trading is having our massive New Year Clearance Sale!

Hurry into your nearest E&S Trading showroom and receive a minimum 15% off RRP across our huge kitchen, bathroom and laundry range! Don’t miss out sensational deals on ovens, washers, basins, taps and more from world leading brands including Siemens, Bosch, Smeg, Hatria and Caroma.

MMS113 Xmas EST 24pp 2 crop

For awesome appliances and top quality brands, visit your nearest E&S Trading store today. The New Year Clearance Sale must end 27th January 2014! Terms and conditions apply.

Browse the catalogue online here

Offer excludes KitchenAid, Sub-Zero, Wolf, Falcon, Neff, Miele, Gaggenau, Hoover, Asko, GE, D.C.S, Capital & Steel. Valid in-store only and excludes online pricing.

E&S Kitchen Hot Picks

E&S Kitchen Hot Picks

Take a seat as we review this year’s most noteworthy kitchen appliances. From groundbreaking to head-turning, these stunning products deserve a second look.

SMEG – World’s first 16-min domestic dishwasher

Smeg fastest dishwasher DWAFIP364

The dishwasher of all dishwashers. La crème de la crème. Flower of the flock. However way you put it, Smeg’s Domestic Pro is sitting high up at the ladder. Capable of completing a full wash in 16 minutes using just 12 litres of water, the new Smeg DWAUP364X Domestic Pro is a genuine step up in terms of technology and speed.

The breakthrough behind the superfast wash is the innovative Dual Core system which powers the machine using two motors, plus having two 1,800 watt inline elements (twice the industry norm) to heat the water certainly speed things up a lot.


MIELE – A stunning headturner

Miele Gen6000 pure line Mink Brown

Miele has proven time and again their uncompromising commitment to innovation. And with the launch of their latest Generation H6000, Miele has established a new benchmark in kitchen appliances.

Aside from the amazing new touch screen technology reminiscent of a smartphone, we are super wowed by the stunning aesthetic of the Pure Line style. The high proportion of glass used in the appliance façade and its stylish, clean appearance puts Pure Line at the forefront of contemporary design. There’s also new colours - Mink in particular stole our hearts! This rich chocolate tone gives a unique style to your kitchen and looks just incredible with dark wood cabinetry.


ILVE – Perfect pizza under 3 mins

ILVE 645SLZV Pizza Oven

This is definitely for the budding pizza chefs who would much rather conjure up a delicious topping creation at home than hit the local take-away.

The effortlessly stylish and user-friendly built-in Pizza Oven from ILVE produces a 400 degree heat which cooks pizza to perfection in under three minutes. That’s less time than it takes to boil your kettle! Once installed, all that’s left to do is to find a favourite dough recipe and call on friends and family for a pizza night.


– World’s most energy-efficient Zeolith dishwasher

siemens speedmatic

Siemens have outdone themselves this time. Their latest innovation - the new range of speedMatic dishwashers totally blew us out of the water with what promises to be the world’s first Zeolith dishwasher technology.

Zeolith, a class of naturally occurring minerals has the astonishing ability to absorb water molecules and then release them as energy. And who better than Siemens geniously thought of integrating that into a dishwasher! The results? Dishwashers that dry dishes effectively in less time, and using less energy. Even better, the minerals are completely self-renewable and will not wear off for the lifetime of the machine. Big tick for environmental sustainability!

For more amazing kitchen stories, check out these handy blog posts. Shop your favourite kitchen, bathroom and laundry appliances at E&S Trading.

SIEMENS Sale On Now!


Siemens Sale Banner revise

Sorry, this sale has ended.

Fancy a designer kitchen but can’t afford to blow your budget? Then let our Siemens Sale set you right on path!

Built with precision and characterised by their stylish good looks, Siemens appliances are a triumph in both design and performance. Whether you are after their sophisticated dishwashers or innovative cooktops, you will find Siemens products engineered with advanced technology.

So why not take advantage of our Siemens Sale starting today until 15th December 2013? This is your best chance to snap up amazing deals on Siemens ovens, cooktops, fridges, washing machines, dryers and more! Plus check out our exclusive bonus offers:

• Purchase any Siemens Pyrolytic Oven and any Siemens cooktop and receive a bonus LeCreuset Pack 26cm Casserole Dish and 24cm Grill Set valued at $688 RRP


• Bonus 6 months supply worth of ecostore dishwashing tablets valued at $103 RRP with the purchase of any Siemens dishwasher

Don’t wait too long; grab this rare chance to update your appliances at a price that’ll make you smile!

Terms & conditions apply.

++ Click here to browse a selected range of our Siemens appliances online

A Brief History of Kitchens


19th century kitchen

These days whether you’re buying a house or renovating your new kitchen, the least you’ll expect in your kitchen is to have hot and cold running water, electric refrigeration, cooktop and a clean hygienic surface for food preparation. If you’ve got additional budget, there’s also the self-cleaning oven, 1000-watts microwave, dishwasher, and the list goes on.

With all these modern innovations and conveniences, it’s easy to forget that just over two centuries ago, cooking and food preparation were still in the barbaric stage - demanding and time-consuming on a scale unthinkable today.

1817 kitchen

The earliest civilised kitchens were often located in a separate room at the rear of the house. There were open fires, food hung from massive rafters and cooking untensils consisted of clay pots and stonewares. For the wealthy and upper-class, kitchens were dirty places to stay away from. They were primarily for slaves and servants to labour in, doing all the cooking and serving in smoke and soot.

1906 kitchen

By the early 1900s, gas cooking and electricity was invented, and clean water had became prevalent. It was also the first time people were introduced to referigerators, boilers and ovens. With the industrial revolution and introduction of production line into factories, efficiency became sought after in working environments, the kitchen included.

describe the image

In 1926, Austrian’s first female architect, Margarete Lihotzky, was commissioned to help solve the housing crisis in post war Germany. She designed the “Frankfurt Kitchen” drawing principles from Frederick Taylor’s industrial time and motion experiments. It became the world’s first mass produced fitted kitchen, designed to let the cook do their work with as little movement between workspaces as possible – what is known today as the kitchen triangle concept.

describe the image

Following the Second World War, kitchens became 50’s housewives’ bestfriends. With the rise of the middle class and demise of servants, housewives had to manage their households single-handedly. This era also saw the debut of the blender, microwave and toaster, each making an impact on daily household life and lessening the effort it took to whip up a meal.

1990 kitchen

From 1950s onwards, the styles of decor changed from funky to a more toned-down look. Kitchens became increasingly integrated into the main living area – forming an open-plan space. Exposure to the kitchens of professional chefs also added new functional ideas to the domestic kitchen and led to the popularity of materials such as stainless steel.

2000 kitchen

Today we have ovens that clean themselves, fridges that automatically defrost and have icemakers and internet access. There is pretty much an appliance or product designed for every conceivable cooking method. In household where entertaining and dinner parties are frequent, kitchens are designed to be the hub of the home, complete with a wet bar, island bench and wall-mounted flatscreen TV for game nights and season finale parties.

Future kitchen

What will the future hold for us? Could we possibly fit more gadgets into our kitchen cabinetry? Can appliances be more ergonomically designed? How about some sort of a bar-code reader that allows automatic ordering of supplies and replacements every time something runs low?

At E&S Trading, we work hard to bring you the most exciting and innovative appliances and products from around the world. Whatever the next big thing in kitchen or cooking is, when it turns up you will find it at our E&S showroom.

(All images via Google)

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