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Falcon Cooking Experience


Falcon Brand

The Falcon brand has a strong heritage and association with professional cooking. As one of the UK’s leading brand spanning more than 75 years, their renowned cookers are admired by professional chefs and home cooks alike all over the globe. British designed and built, every Falcon cooker is made in Royal Leamington Spa Warwickshire, United Kingdom. The superior performance of Falcon cookers are attributed to highly skilled workmanship and their advanced manufacturing technique using professional-grade materials.

Falcon showroom andico

Recently, we had the amazing opportunity of taking part in the Falcon cooking and training experience to inspire the hidden chef in all of us. Falcon National Brand Manager, Jo Edwards, and Falcon Representative Danny Sofkarov, together with their resident Home Economist, from Tasmania, have designed an E&S exclusive interactive cooking demonstration & product training session.

Falcon cooking (4)

Falcon cooking (3)

Aside from getting to stuff ourselves with the insanely beautiful dishes, the highlight of the training was experimenting different methods of cooking using the stunning Falcon gas cookers. From Tepanyaki-style frying on the cooktop right down to baking and roasting in the oven, Falcon cooks brilliantly, giving us a taste of homemade restaurant-quality food.

In addition, we also had the chance to fire up all three Falcon cooker models - the Classic, Professional and Elan. Whether it’s an ultra-modern look, timeless classic look or something in-between, Falcon's quality is impressively consistent and exquisitely engineered.

Falcon cooker copy


The Classic and Professional cookers now include induction cooktops, using electromagnetism to directly heat your pots and pans rather than the cooktop surface, providing chefs with great safety and control. Another notable feature of Falcon Professional cookers is the Energy Saving Panel or ESP. When you’re not using all the space in your oven, this plate divides your oven into two sections, only one of which is heated, saving energy.

Falcon cooking (5)

Falcon cooking (6)

Falcon cooking (7)

Cooking with Falcon proves to be intuitive, easy and enjoyable. After the session, there is no doubt in our mind that Falcon has built a reputation as the next generation of premium cooking appliances. If you love cooking and are thinking of getting a Falcon, why not sign up for their complimentary mouth-watering cooking demonstration class? Click here for details.

For more information on Falcon appliances, step into your nearest E&S Trading showroom and speak with one of our friendly, knowledgeable consultants today!

Perfect Kitchens For Big Families


Big Families Kitchen Dining Meal

The joy of a big family is rooted in the multiplication of activities, often in a magnitude unthinkable by the average sized household. Everything is wider, bigger and louder. And meal time is where everything congregates into one hell of a party, leaving you to wonder exactly what kind of a kitchen and dining setting can accommodate all that action every day.

Big Family Kitchen Layout


Big families need space – and lots of it. The ideal layout should combine the kitchen, dining and lounge area into one super-sized social hub where everyone can hang around and chill out.

walk in kitchen pantry

Walk-in Pantry

Make room for a functional walk-in pantry and give your non-perishable foods and bulky appliances like roasting pan, juicer or breadmaker a place to call home. When installing cabinetry, opt for open shelving because you’ll love your pantry more if everything is clearly visible and within easy reach.

Smeg fastest dishwasher

Ultra Speed Dishwasher

With so many dirty plates and glasses piling up, you may find yourself having to load the dishwasher more than once. So instead of waiting half a day for your dishwasher to finish a cycle, why not choose a high speed dishwasher? Smeg’s commercial grade domestic dishwasher can lend you a big hand with a full load washed in just 16 minutes.

oven cool door

Quadruple Glazed Oven

Growing families often mean there are young children around. Choose ovens that offer triple or even quadruple glazed doors to ensure the door remains cool while the oven is in use.Beko fridge

Family-Friendly Fridges

With so many hungry mouths to feed, you need the proper space to store that big pile of groceries. Look out for full-size fridges with side-by-side doors such as the ones from Beko to give you maximum usable space. You may want to skip the water dispenser and icemaker functions to save on space in the freezer section.

Big kitchen table large family

Large Dining Table

This is a real family magnet for dinner time and in-between meals. Besides, it doubles up as an additional food preparation space, homework table or as the occasional dumping ground.

There you have it, the essentials of a perfect kitchen for big families. For five decades, E&S Trading has been a homemaker's paradise. Our showrooms boast some of the world’s best kitchen appliances including brands like Sub-Zero, Wolf, Siemens, Gaggenau, ILVE, SMEG and more. If you’re looking for ideas on rebuilding or renovating your dream kitchen, why not pop over for a chat with our friendly and knowledgeable consultants?

Ovens That Self Clean


Mix Blog Self Cleaning Oven

Do you love to roast and grill in your oven but hate the mess? Then pyrolytic oven maybe your next best friend!

You may or may not have heard of the term “pyrolytic”; to put it simply, a pyrolytic oven is an oven that cleans itself. While the rest of the world with non-pyro-oven scrubs and rubs their oven to death, pyrolytic technology enables the oven to heat up to a super high temperature of 500oC, effectively turning all food residue and grime into ash. No harsh chemicals or labour required. All that is left to do is to relax in the lounge room and after the cleaning process is completed, simply give the interior an easy wipe using a damp cloth. Ta-da! Job done.

A key thing to remember is to wipe clean the oven door prior to starting the self-cleaning process, which can typically take about 3 hours to complete. In addition, most brands of pyro-ovens in the market require all racks, shelves, trays and accessories to be removed prior to the cleaning cycle.

As amazing as it sounds, pyrolytic self cleaning oven system has actually been around for nearly 50 years! It’s been used in particular by countries like France - no major surprise there considering the sophistication of French cuisine and how deep cooking has been steeped into their history. Today many contemporary homes in Australia are switching to pyro-ovens for their convenience.

If you’re looking for one, here’s a list of our top picks:


Smeg 90cm oven

The SAP3900X is one of the few ovens in the market that offers a roomy 90 litres in oven capacity with the self-cleaning function. Featuring SMEG’s unique Thermoseal system and cool door technology.

Neff B46E74N3AU

Neff 60cm oven

The B46E74N3AU oven includes the innovative Slide & Hide door, where the door slides neatly under the oven to save space and gives you greater access to the oven cavity.

Miele Generation H6000 H 6860 BP

Miele 60cm oven

H6860BP is Miele’s latest built-in oven range featuring the unique M-Touch controls. The multi-coloured TFT touch-on-display resembles the interface of a smartphone, making the controls one of the most intuitive and easy to use.

To find out which oven works the best for you and your family, pop by your nearest E&S Trading showroom to see our huge range of pyrolytic ovens from top brands including Siemens, Bosch, Wolf and Gaggenau.

Whitegoods Sale on Now



WGCatalogue Web Banner2

Sorry, this sale has ended.

Looking to update or replace your kitchen and laundry appliances?  Make E&S Trading your first stop and grab a fantastic deal from our Whitegoods Sale – on now!

Your favourite brands including Siemens, Bosch, Westinghouse, Fisher & Paykel, Dyson and Electrolux are offering massive reductions on a huge range of selected fridges, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers and more.

Straight into the kitchen, we have got a massive range of fridges going for a minimum of 25% off RRP. If your dishwasher has recently died on you, check out our incredible offers on branded dishwashers starting at just $478. And why not get your hands on a brand new Vintec wine fridge at a cool price of only $1,279 to keep your booze chilled for the coming summer?

In the laundry room, steal a deal with Electrolux 7kg front load washer for just $549. Also don’t miss out Bosch's high performing 7kg sensor tumble dryers at only $636. Plus, a lot more unbelievable prices on vacuum cleaners, air conditioners and more!

whitegoods sale discounts offers white appliance resized 600

To take advantage of our Whitegoods Sale, hurry in to your nearest E&S Trading showroom from now till 27th October. Browse the Whitegoods Sale catalogue online here or grab a copy in store.

Offer is discounted off recommended retail price. Excludes KitchenAid, Sub-Zero, Wolf, Falcon, Neff, Miele, Gaggenau, Hoover, Asko, GE, D.C.S, Capital & Steel. Valid in store only and excludes online pricing. Offer valid until 27/10/13.

Perfect Kitchens For Entertaining


Social Entertaining Party Kitchen Dining

Sunday brunches. Weekday dinners. Drinks and nibbles before party. Always something happening at your place? Then you must be an awesome entertainer, and likely a good cook too!

For those who take entertaining seriously, have you considered designing your kitchen around your party and guests? At the heart of a perfect social kitchen are conversation and food, plus of course having good looking appliances never fail to amp up hosting scores!

Check out our top tips on creating the perfect kitchen for entertaining:

Social Entertaining Kitchen Host (2)


When it comes to design, opt for open plan space. The lack of physical separation between cooking, dining, alfresco and living area will encourage a seamless interaction, and it also gives your guests more room to move around. Besides, there’s probably nothing worse than chopping onions alone in one room, and hearing your guests’ hearty laughter over clinking glasses in the next room.

Social Entertaining Kitchen Host (1)

Island Benchtop

A kitchen island is an effective way to increase your bench space and it can also be used to house a sink and dishwasher or even a cook top. Not to mention, having a few bar stools around the bench gives everyone a spot to relax and chat while visiting the cook. This way you won’t miss out what Jono recently got up to or the Smiths’ latest adventure in the outback while you babysit that risotto.

Social Entertaining Kitchen Host (3)

Refrigeration / Beverage Centre

If you really love to cook and entertain, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than a Sub-Zero fridge. Sub-Zero hand makes top-of-the-line refrigeration where they combine amazing design with unrivalled functionality. Their unique technology enables fresh food to stay fresher and frozen food to be preserved longer which means you can cut down on grocery shopping. We also love the french door design with a generous space to put everything - perfect for big pots or left over wide platters!

Additionally, no entertaining kitchen is complete without a wine storage or beverage centre. Have one next to your fridge for your guests’ easy access to cold beers and drinks.

Social Entertaining Kitchen Host (4)

Warming Drawers

This comes in handy for the avid entertainer to keep food warm and ready to serve at the right time. Wolf’s built-in warming drawers can go up to 93oC, making it a perfect alternative oven to slow roast meats and vegetables before serving.

Social Entertaining Kitchen Host (5)High-end Espresso Machine

A high-end coffee machine like this Rocket Giotto Evolution is often a great conversation starter. It also gives you an excellent opportunity to show off your barista skills by making beautiful cafe quality espresso for guests in your own home. Extra points if you mastered latte art!

Social Entertaining Kitchen Host (6)


For footie nights and season finale parties, having a TV in the kitchen means you can bring the action to where the food is. It’s a casual way for everyone to get engaged and involved without being too engrossed.

Social Entertaining Kitchen Host (7)

After hosting family and friends, the last thing you want to do is make an even bigger mess when it's time to tackle the aftermath. Consider getting a high performing dishwasher such as Siemens for your overwhelming post-party dishes and glassware.

There you have it, the essentials of a perfect entertaining kitchen. For five decades, E&S Trading has been a home entertainer’s paradise. Our showrooms boast some of the world’s best kitchen appliances including brands like Sub-Zero, Wolf, Siemens, Gaggenau, ILVE, SMEG and more. If you’re looking for ideas on rebuilding your dream kitchen, why not pop over for a chat with our friendly and knowledgeable consultants?

Currently with five convenient locations throughout Victoria – Blackburn, Chadstone, Essendon, Moorabbin and Geelong – there is really no excuse to give our showrooms a miss! Click here for our store locations.

Unmistakably Miele, The New Generation H6000 Range


Miele H6000

Miele. Immer besser, or forever better.

This is the tagline and philosophy Miele had lived up to since the German company was founded in 1899. Being better means constant innovation, something that Miele has proven time and again their uncompromising commitment to.

More recently Miele established a new benchmark in kitchen appliances with the launch of the new Generation H6000. Designed with passion and the user in mind, H6000 represents excellence in technological advancement and design aesthetic.

Miele Gen6000 pure line

Miele Generation H6000

H6000 range comprises over 200 new appliances, from conventional ovens and steam ovens to coffee machines, cooker hoods and microwaves. The collection comes in two distinct styles – Pure Line and Contour Line – each created to complement different kitchen design.

Pure Line comes in a range of stunning new colours including Obsidian Black, Brilliant White and the unique Mink brown. With a high proportion of glass used in the appliance façade and a stylish, clean look, Pure Line stands out as an outstanding range for the contemporary kitchen. Contour Line on the other hand integrates best with a traditional kitchen aesthetic. The interplay of glass and stainless steel gives it a timeless elegant look.

Miele Gen6000 pure line Mink Brown

Miele H6000 Pure Line appliances in beautiful Mink glass finish

Miele Gen6000 Contour line

Miele H6000 Contour Line appliances with CleanSteel stripes on front panel

Besides style and colour, H6000 also offers a choice between rotary or the new M-Touch control. Interface reminiscent of a smartphone, the M-Touch display is self-explanatory and intuitive in operation. Browse the menu much like your iPhone by simply swiping or scrolling with the tip of a finger.

Miele H6000 m Touch

Miele’s new M-Touch control display

When it comes to combination options, the built-in appliances offer a flexible arrangement. Whether you like to stack things vertically, spread them out in a horizontal array, configure in a block of four or T-shape, H6000 appliances are designed to look completely harmonious.

Miele H6000 configuration

All built-in kitchen appliances are of the same height. Various and customised combinations are possible

Miele have also included some brilliant new features to make preparing food easy and efficient. On the microwaves you’ll find selections of automatic programmes and even a one touch popcorn button. The new PyroFit technology in ovens has us jumping for joy now that we no longer have to remove side racks and telescopic runners during pyrolytic cleaning process. Plus the coffee machine is an absolute joy to use with its built in sensor which detects the height of your coffee cup and adjusts the coffee spout height accordingly.

Miele coffee machine

H6000 bean-to-cup coffee machine with CupSensor

Miele products are manufactured with the highest quality and workmanship. No parts are sourced from anywhere else other than a Miele factory, which is probably why a Miele last for years and years!

So come along and visit our showroom to find out for yourself just how good Miele appliances are.

Scholtès Induction Hob


In 1979, Scholtès revolutionised the art of cooking by inventing the first induction cooktop. While a marvellous innovation at that time, the technology and resources required to manufacture one costed an arm and a leg. Fast track three decades later, today Scholtès is able to bring forth the beauty and benefits of induction technology to professional chefs and domestic cooks around the world. Their celebrated range of induction hobs has established a new benchmark for the industry.

One of the best things about using induction cooking is the superior performance compared to traditional forms of cooking. For example 2 litres of water takes only takes 4.5 minutes to reach 95oC, compared with 9 minutes for traditional glass ceramic –  that’s 40% faster! If you’re tired of waiting for big ol’ pasta pot to boil, Scholtès induction hob will be your new best friend.

scholtes induction hob cooktop (2)

Unique to Scholtès is the automatic pot detection feature when you place cookware on the cooktop. The hot plate will only switch on when in contact with a pot or pan with a magnetic field. This built-in safety feature also prevents the hotplate from activating when small metallic objects such as garlic crusher or pepper grinder are accidentally placed on the cooktop.

When you need to bring food to high temperatures quickly, the booster function will give you the extra power needed. Boost works by drawing power from other zones to the selected hotplate for 4 minutes, before resetting to the original selected power setting. Especially useful for bringing water to boil if you need to make that hot tea right away.

scholtes induction hob cooktop (3)

Two other practical features that we love about Scholtès induction hob is the residual heat indicator and spill sensor. The unique residual heat indicators give you a heads up by displaying a “H” if the cooktop glass is still considerably warm to the touch, or a low cap “h” if the cooktop has already cooled down considerably. Spill sensor as the term suggests will switch off the hob power automatically if a spill is detected, putting a stop to food burning into the cooking surface.

Scholtès induction hob is perfect in every respect and detail, from elegance in design and materials to the technological innovation. For a more interactive demonstration, check out the video below by Manu Feildel, brand ambassador for Scholtès.

E&S Trading is the exclusive retailer for Scholtès appliances in Victoria. Visit our showroom today and talk to us about the most suitable Scholtès induction hob to suit your unique needs.

Or click here to shop a selected range of Scholtès appliances online.

Siemens Sale Now On!


Siemens Sale (1)

Our 2-week Siemens Sale is now on and it’s your last chance to grab a Siemens deal at its all-time low price. Featuring reductions across its kitchen and laundry range, you can snap up exclusive offers on ovens, washers, dryers and more!

Siemens Innovation Bundle Bonus – Up to 10% Rebate

Siemens has some fantastic savings on their range of kitchen appliances including ovens, cook tops, range hoods, warming drawers and dishwashers!

• Purchase any 2 or more eligible appliances* and receive a 5% rebate when you spend more than $4500

• Purchase any 2 or more eligible appliances* and receive a 10% rebate when you spend more than $8000 [i.e. spend $7000 and get $350 rebate (5%), spend $10,000 and get $1000 rebate (10%)]

Siemens Laundry Promotion - Exclusive E&S promotion

25% off RRP all Siemens laundry products during the promotional period. Excludes commercial orders.

Looking to replace your laundry appliances? You won’t go wrong with Siemens high performing washers and dryers. Their latest iDOS washing machine established a new benchmark in laundry technology with its inteliigent self-dosing system which helps you to dispense exactly the right amount of detergent for each wash.

Amazing Oven Special – 50 SETS ONLY! Exclusive E&S promotion

HB76RU56IA right hinge side opening oven special price $1,998. Normally $3,649 RRP. Until sold out.

This stunning 60cm HB76RU56IA built-in oven with right hinge side opening is a must have for the integrated kitchen layout. Highlighted by a combination of stainless steel and black glass, this multifunction oven comes with 11 cooking functions and a large capacity of 65 litres in volume.

++ Plus check out these amazing bonus

++Bonus Le Creuset Dish - Exclusive E&S promotion

Bonus Le Creuset Dish valued at $579* with the purchase of the selected Siemens range Pyrolytic Ovens at E&S.  *Excludes HB75GU550A & HB76RU561A models.

++Bonus OMO liquid detergent

Receive 12 months supply of OMO liquid detergent (12 x 1L bottles) when you purchase the iDOS washing machine (WM16Y890AU)

Receive 6 months supply OMO liquid detergent (6 x 1L bottles) when you purchase Siemens washing machine models WM14S361AU, WM14S440AU, WM16S440AU and WM16Y790AU. Offer expires 30th September 2013. Via online redemption.

++Bonus Ittalla Induction Cookware

Purchase a regular Siemens induction cook top and receive a Bonus 3 piece ittalla cookware set valued at $329. Purchase a Siemens flexInduction cook top and receive a Bonus 4 piece ittalla cookware set valued at $439. Cookware delivered with goods.

Hurry, our Siemens Sale must end 30 September! Available in-store only, visit your nearest E&S Trading showroom today.

Neff 2013 New Range


Neff Kitchen

In 1877, Carl Neff founded his coal oven plant in Bretten, Germany, with a revolutionary idea – his kitchen appliances will not be focused on technology, rather on the people who use them. His commitment to creating quality products which are uniquely customer-centric enabled his company to grow very quickly, and today, Neff has cemented its position as a market leader in Europe.

Neff ovens are exceptional. Their latest 2013 range sees an improved comeback of their trademark Slide & Hide ovens, as well as the unique VarioSteam ovens. The B46E74N3AU Slide & Hide oven is a top-of-the-line model to look out for if you’re passionate about cooking. The 67 litre cavity comes with over 12 cooking functions including their innovative CircoTherm cooking mode. This unique cooking technology allows the oven to heat up rapidly and needs little, or no preheating.

Neff Oven Slide & Hide Single (1)

CircoTherm works by drawing air in from the oven via a powerful fan. The air is heated and forced right back into the oven cavity through strategically placed ducts in the rear wall. With this system, a complete 3-course meal can be cooked at the same time on the three shelf levels without transfer of flavours. This method of forced air cooking continues to be the benchmark for all fan ovens.

Neff Oven Slide & Hide Single (2)

B46E74N3AU also boast the unique Slide & Hide door, one of the favourite features of a Neff oven. Never have to worry about the door getting in the way when you reach into the oven; spills on glass door are a thing of the past. Neff has come up with a clever solution of retracting doors right under the oven, making the access to the oven cavity completely uninhibited. No other brand in the market has this brilliant design.

When it comes to steaming, Neff has the B46C74N3AU VarioSteam combi-oven to satisfy the most demanding professional chefs and domestic cooks.  Their unique VarioSteam technology pumps hot vapour into the cavity, giving your dishes the much needed moisture and humidity. Adjusting the intensity of the steam is as easy as a touch of the button. You can alternate between three steam settings to create a more succulent and tender dish.Neff B46C74N3 VarioSteam Oven

Neff’s ovens are coated with TitanEnamel making it scratch and acid-resistant to food acids. A quick wipe with a damp sponge and a little detergent is sufficient to keep the oven clean after normal operation.

To see a full range of Neff ovens, visit any one of our showrooms today. Open Monday to Sundays, our friendly E&S sales consultants are ever ready to answer all your Neff questions.

Siemens New speedMatic Dishwasher & freeInduction Cooktop


Siemens speedmatic dishwasher 01

Siemens stands for outstanding engineering achievements. Having been around for more than 160 years, Siemens has mastered the qualities of precision, perfection and creativity, and brilliantly integrated them into their appliances. With their extensive list of unique innovations and technological advancements, it’s little wonder that Siemens is Germany and Europe’s number one brand for built-in appliances.

Whether it’s integrated ovens or full-size fridges, Siemens products all boast superior innovative features. Their latest innovation - the new range of speedMatic dishwashers are no exception. Siemens has come up with the world’s most energy efficient dishwasher with the discovery of Zeolith drying technology.

Siemens speedmatic dishwasher 04

Zeolith, a class of naturally occurring minerals has the astonishing ability to absorb water molecules and then release them as energy. And who better than Siemens geniously thought of integrating that into a dishwasher! The results? Dishwashers that dry dishes effectively in less time, and using less energy. Even better, the minerals are completely self-renewable and will not wear off for the lifetime of the machine. Big tick for environmental sustainability!

Siemens speedmatic dishwasher 02

Another feature we love about speedMatic dishwasher is the interior mood lighting that is cleverly designed to turn on when you open your dishwasher door. The LED emotionLight bathe the interior of the dishwasher in beautiful blue light so you can show off your sparkling clean glassware to guests who come wandering into your kitchen.

Siemens speedmatic dishwasher 03

Because speedMatic dishwashers are so quiet, sometimes it’s hard to tell if the wash is done. That’s why Siemens developed the timeLight for fully-integrated models which beams the remaining time and programme information onto the floor. This simple yet elegant solution provides the finishing touch to the remarkable design.

One other notable feature about speedMatic dishwasher is the introduction of the new varioDrawerPlus. Unlike most ordinary cutlery drawers, varioDrawerPlus has a v-shape design and drop-down sides, perfect for chucking in soup ladles, salad servers and similar long untensils.

Siemens dedication to product research also extends into their new range of cooktop – freeInduction. If you have already switched from gas to induction cooking, good on you! If you’re still wondering what the hype is all about, Siemens freeInduction cooking will open your door to a whole new and better cooking experience.

Siemens freeInduction 03

With freeInduction cooking, there is no open flame. When cookware with a magnetic base is placed on the cooktop, the coil below the ceramic glass surface creates a powerful magnetic field, inducing a current and generating heat instantly and directly to the pan.

While most other induction cooktops comes with predefined cooking zones and pot size limitations, Siemens freeInduction gives you the freedom of arranging up to four cookware pieces any one time without restriction. The innovative surface induction automatically detects pot size, shape and position, leaving you with maximum freedom in your cooking.

So this means for dinner you could be boiling pasta in one pot, making the sauce in another, and cooking your veggies next to them; all these cookware can sit anywhere on the freeInduction cooktop. You could also pick the pans up and move them around without needing to reprogram the settings.

Siemens freeInduction 02

When it comes to controls, Siemens understands most of us are cooks, not mechanics. They have kept the controls and setting as simple and straightforward as possible. A simple touch or swipe on the full colour interface allows you to select the cookware, adjust heat level or set a timer. And that is pretty much all there is to do because everything else is automatic.

If you need to move your cookware around, the power transfer settings technology will automatically detect the shift of the cookware including the power and timer settings. What’s more, the cooking status is always displayed throughout the entire cooking process so you know you are constantly in control.

Siemens freeInduction 01
freeInduction cooktop not only looks great and functions remarkably, they are easy to clean. Because the ceramic glass surface is only heated by the residual heat from your cookware, you never have to worry about spills baking and burning on the surrounding. Simply wipe away the splatter while you cook.

With a tradition of continuous technological research and relentless innovation, Siemens is dedicated to bringing beautiful, high performing appliances to the passionate home and professional cooks of Australia.

Siemens home appliances are exclusively available at E&S Trading in Victoria. To find out more about Siemens products, speak to one of our sales consultants today!

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