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What’s New From SMEG



SMEG 2013 new kitchen cooking appliances product  launch

Based in Guastalla, Italy, Smeg is one of the most innovative technology brands when it comes to kitchen appliances. They have devoted a great deal of time in pursuit of design excellence and ever-improving cooking techniques.

Recently, Smeg has been brewing up a whole new kitchen evolution with their release of innovative products and cutting-edge technology.  With their introduction of new oven control interface, launching the world’s first freestanding pyro-cooker with induction hob, and rolling out domestic dishwashers with 16mins cycle, Smeg has clearly outshined the competition and left other brands trailing in their dust.

S-Logic Digital Display Takes The Guesswork Out Of Ovens

S logic Smeg SFPA140 (2)

Let’s start off with ovens. Smeg’s reputation for technological advancement doesn’t stop at Thermoseal. Their latest innovation is the S-Logic digital displays, launched with a new generation of built-in smart ovens.

S logic Smeg SFPA140

S-Logic interface makes oven simple to understand, logical to use and delivers pin-point accuracy to any dish. Everything you need to see and know is now displayed on the screen. Function-selection, cooking time, temperature, shelf position and pre-heating have become either automatic or self-explanatory. And with the extra large one-touch control animated display, you can even skip the reading glasses altogether!

S logic Smeg SFPA140 (3)

S-Logic displays are available in Smeg’s latest Classic and Linear range. The beautiful SFPA140 model in particular spots a mirror-finish and is available with pyrolytic cleaning function. Although assembled in Italy, SFPA140 has been configured to Australian culinary tastes. Popular fish varieties have been included in the menus and the oven understands Australian definitions of rare, medium and well-done. The oven also boasts 18 oven functions and includes memory space for 10 user recipes.

Stunning 90cm Pyrolytic Oven

Smeg’s new 90cm built-in pyro-oven is undoubtedly in a class of its own. Right now in the market, there are only a handful that offers you a roomy 90 litres in oven capacity with the self-cleaning function.


The new SAP3900X has a perfectly-controlled and stable cooking environment thanks to Smeg’s unique Thermoseal system. Temperature fluctuations are greatly minimized during cooking which means your food gets cooked quicker, using less energy. With 10 cooking functions including proofing, defrosting and food warming, plus 50 ‘smart sense’ programs and 10 additional personal programs, SAP3900X makes it easy and possible to whip up any gourmet dishes.

Similar to other Smeg oven models, the door comes with cool door technology and is safe to the touch even during the pyrolytic cleaning process. This makes it safe for families with young children, and helps your kitchen remain cool and comfortable throughout the usage.

Smeg’s Double Oven Now In Pyro

Smeg’s classic 60cm double oven has been given an upgrade and now features pyrolytic cleaning function.

dospa38x med

The DOSPA38X still retains its former good looks and perfect proportions but is now quadruple glazed in the main oven. In just ninety minutes, Smeg’s pyrolytic cleaning function can heat up the main oven cavity to 500oC, instantly melting away grease and waste.

Smeg’s double oven features a 79 litre main oven plus a smaller 42 litre auxiliary oven, giving you great cooking flexibility.

Meet The New Victoria Kitchen

Inspired by Smeg’s very first “Elizabeth” cooker produced in 1948, the new Victoria range captures the essence of classic 1950’s style aesthetics. 

Smeg Victoria kitchen timeless classic gas cooker (2)

The Victoria cooker not only looks beautiful, it features state-of-the-art cooking technology – combining vintage style with modern-day convenience. Measuring 110cm in width, this SMEG cooker is the perfect investment for anyone who adores cooking.

Multiple dishes are easy to prepare with the seven gas cooking zones (including a high-power wok burner), and the double oven configuration means you can be cooking a roast in the main oven, while a chocolate muffin bakes away in the other. Dinner and dessert – too easy!

Smeg Victoria kitchen timeless classic gas cooker (3)

Each oven has a roomy 68 litre capacity, and six cooking functions including eco fan-forced baking, convection, a baker’s function, and an electric grill. Both ovens reach full heat within ten minutes and deliver accurate and consistent temperatures. And for people who love pizza, an integrated SMEG pizza stone profile has been built into the base of each oven.

The oven interior of the Victoria cooker is treated with an Ever-Clean enamel surface and comes with Vapour Clean function. It also features triple-glazed doors with removable glass.

Smeg Victoria kitchen timeless classic gas cooker (4)

And now on to the cooktop; the seven-zone gas hob features an ultra powerful wok burner, and each burner has been fitted with a flame failure device for maximum safety. We also love the fact that a Teppanyaki plate can be placed over two of the burners to create a high-heat griddle for meat, seafood and vegetables.

Smeg Victoria kitchen timeless classic gas cooker (5)Originally available in traditional cream and black, Victoria appliances are now offered in silver, and a variety of pastel shades which further enhance the high-quality materials and exclusive design of each Smeg product.

The World’s Only 16min Domestic Wash

Besides cooking, Smeg also offers a coveted range of dishwashers. Smeg has released its revolutionary new semi-pro, high-speed dishwasher that is capable of completing a full wash in 16 minutes using just 12 litres of water.

Smeg fastest dishwasher DWAFIP364

The new Smeg DWAUP364X Domestic Pro is a genuine step up in terms of technology with no other domestic dishwasher brands able to compete with. The breakthrough behind the superfast wash is the innovative Dual Core system.

The system utilises two motors – similar to existing Smeg models – but the wash motor is a larger 2,000 watts, capable of operating at variable speeds. It also comes with two 1,800 watt inline elements to heat the water, twice the industry norm. With all these supercharged power and energy, Domestic Pro is able to mirror the high speeds and standards of Smeg’s commercial grade dishwashers and lend you a big hand when you need a load washed in a hurry.

Additionally, Smeg also introduced a new feature to the dishwasher - the FlexiDuo basket. This upper basket provides an unrivalled degree of versatility to the appliance as it’s able to split into two sections and have either section slide under the other. If you entertain often or own very tall-stemmed glasses, you will understand and appreciate this brilliant innovation of freeing up space for the basket below.

Smeg’s New Outdoor Grill – Packed With Power & Precision

And for those of you who love a relaxed Aussie barbie, Smeg has got a power-packed outdoor BBQ to give you even cooking results with minimal flare-ups.

Smeg outdoor BBQ BIBQ1205AF (1)

Smeg took their craft of creating beautiful, high-quality kitchen appliances outdoor and put together a marine-grade stainless steel and rust-free BBQ range. This is one of the most powerful barbeques on the market, giving you a total of 67.5 Megajoules per hour over its five burners.

The grill comes with a hotplate and also features an integrated clean oil collection system. You will find the excess fats and grease drain into a reservoir at the side of the unit, making the grill so easy to clean and maintain.

Smeg outdoor BBQ BIBQ1205AF (2)

Choose from two designs: the BIBQ1205AH model which features a double-insulated hood, or the BIBQ1205AF model which has a sleek lid (in place of the hood) that doubles as a splashback when the barbeque is in use. The laser-etched control panel for both models are located on the right, perfectly blending into the clean, sophisticated design and also ensuring it will not wear off over time.

Smeg’s range of new products will be available in our showroom later this year. For more details, speak to one of our consultants at your nearest E&S Trading showroom.

Scholtès MultiPlo - The Most Versatile Cooking Appliance


We all want that dream kitchen - filled with every remarkable cooking appliance money can buy, you can easily serve up dishes steamed, roasted, deep fried, boiled or even teppanyaki style. But let’s face it, most of us either don’t have the luxury of space or lack the ambition to invest in more than a few essential cooking appliances.

So wouldn’t it be nice if we could afford just one appliance that did everything? Combining the functions of an oven, cooktop, deep fryer, steamer, slow cooker and turn it into one outstanding equipment?

The answer is the Scholtès MultiPlo.

Scholtes MultiPlo (2)

This award winning product is exclusive from Scholtès and harnesses the power and control of induction cooking to allow up to 5 different types of cooking - deep frying, roasting, boiling, steaming and slow cooking.

With two separately controlled zones, the innovative MultiPlo gives you the option to cook two different dishes simultaneously. This means you could be steaming fish on one side, and deep-frying fritters on the other. The two zones can also be used together to create a large cooking area for bigger dishes.

Scholtes MultiPlo

Multiplo also comes with an inbuilt cooking plate for your teppanyaki steaks. The plate can reach up to 240 degrees in temperature and has a specially designed channel that catches juices as not to stew the food.

The best part about Multiplo is the cleaning; afterall what good is anything if you can’t chuck it into the dishwasher? All vessels, baskets and components are made from dishwasher-safe stainless steel, and the touch controls need only be wiped with a damp soapy cloth to keep them looking like new.

Scholtes MultiPlo with Manu Feildel

If you need some ideas on MultiPlo cooking, celebrity chef Manu Feildel can show you a recipe or two as he cooks up a storm using Scholtès appliances. Manu have signed an exclusive sponsorship deal with Scholtès that will see Manu use and promote high performance ovens and cooktops. Follow the video below and see how easy it is to serve up a roasted lamb shank with creamy potatoes and green peas using MultiPlo.

MultiPlo is exclusively available at E&S Trading in Victoria.

Australian Home: Luxury Penthouse Living


Gaggenau Penthouse Apartment (2)
To follow on with the old-world charm of Melbourne’s Albert Park Village, the brand new Penthouse Suite of the Hermes Apartments Complex is suitably set on site of the historic Albert Park Post Office. The impressive suite boasts unbeatable panoramic city views, and the tree-lined streets below are loved by locals for their abundance of great eateries, trendy boutiques and close proximity to the beach and city.

Gaggenau kitchen appliances are a focal point in this spectacular penthouse, from the four bedrooms, to the kitchen and entertaining areas. The highly stylized built-in Gaggenau appliances sit perfectly against the sleek black cabinetry, lending a touch of industrial asethetic along with their unmatched cooking functions.

Gaggenau Penthouse Apartment (1)

Built to entertain, and finished with state of the art quality fixtures and fittings, the third floor penthouse boasts a bright and naturally lit space that takes up the entire level. Its sleek and contemporary design speaks sophistication with a keen appreciation for the finer things in life.

Top 7 Inspiration Pins For A Small Kitchen


Thinking of re-designing your home? Start with Pinterest! We are hooked on to their countless inspirational photos, from quirky furniture pieces to colour-coordinated rooms. You will also find heaps of witty storage, layout and design ideas. You might want to keep an eye on the clock while you’re browsing away, or risk idling the whole afternoon in the blink of an eye!

small kitchen 0

For today’s post, we round up our top 7 small kitchen pins. These tiny kitchens are some of the mightiest rooms around. They are clever in design, compactly packed with essentials, and work like a ninja!

Above: A great example of a modern U-shaped kitchen equipped with all kitchen essentials and thoughtfully designed to maximize space and storage.

small kitchen 2

From left to right: We adore that old-world charm of an elegant, English kitchen; what it lacks in width is make up for in height; extra points for the rolling ladder | A gallery kitchen featuring walls of framed photographs; kitchen untensils are either hung from hooks or mounted directly on the wall for immediate access.

small kitchen

From left to right: Contemporary classic style with a twist of quirkiness; white cabinetry and walls hold up a mixed style together very well | Custom built-ins are a small kitchen's best friend; bringing the upper cabinets all the way to the ceiling add additional storage space.small kitchen3

From left to right: White cabinets, walls, countertops, and backsplash make this kitchen feel lofty; also notice the layout embraces the ideal kitchen work triangle in which the distance between the three main points (fridge, sink, stove) is optimized | The antique runner fits the floor just so and brings in elegance and refinement to a tight space; the shallow counter depth is a great idea.

Have you checked out our pin boards yet? They are full of great ideas for every room of your house as well as outdoor entertaining. Feel free to follow our boards and re-pin anything you see!

Guide To Using A Manual Coffee Grinder


The secret to making a great cup of coffee at home doesn’t start at the coffee machine, it begins when you setup your manual coffee grinder. And indeed there is a science and art to making the perfect grind.

It’s important to get the grind size right if you’re after the perfect cup of espresso. The grind of your coffee should match the equipment you are using. A helpful hint is that the less water-pressure your machine uses, the larger the coffee particles need to be. In general, coarse grind is ideal for plunger or press pots, medium grind is suited for auto-drip makers, and fine to super fine grinds are used for espresso machines.

When hot water comes into contact with ground coffee, that’s when coffee aroma and flavours are released. If you over grind or under grind the beans, you’ll probably end up with a burnt coffee or one that is too diluted. Nothing to cry over, just re-calibrate and try again!

In the video above, Rob Sinclair demonstrates how to use the manual coffee grinder, with tips on calibrating the machine, adjusting the coarseness of the grind and ensuring the same consistency throughout.

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Sub-Zero Fridge Redesigned With Internal Ice & Water


Sub Zero Fridge Ice Water 01
One of our top exclusive brands, Sub-Zero, has redesigned its best selling fridge, the Sub-Zero Built-in Side-by-Side Refrigerator/Freezer to include internal ice & water dispenser.

An industry first - Sub-Zero has reconfigured its ICBBI-48SID model to provide chilled water AND ice inside the refrigerator. This add-on is a perfect match of convenience and aesthetics, keeping water and ice at your fingertips without having to sacrifice the clean appearance that has made Sub-Zero a leader in timeless built-in design.

Sub Zero Fridge Ice Water 04

The redesign has also included improved energy efficiency. The Built-in Side-by-Side 48SID now has variable speed compressors and vacuum sealed panels within its insulation. This makes this model 20% more energy efficient than the next best built-in refrigerator. In fact, it’s so energy efficient it runs on less power than a 60watt light bulb!

Overlay and stainless steel models are both available. The new flush inset overlay design installation cleverly allows the unit to sit flush with surrounding cabinetry. Choose from either a stainless steel finish or apply your own choice of custom panel to blend seamlessly with adjacent decor. The classic stainless steel option complete with industrial chic louvered grille can be built-in or just add official Sub-Zero stainless steel side panels for a free-standing look.

If you’re thinking of getting an outstanding fridge that last for decades, Sub-Zero fridge is the best investment you can make for your home. Sub-Zero fridges are available exclusively through E&S Trading stores in Victoria. Visit your local showroom to experience these impressive appliances for yourself or pop into our online store for a virtual look.

Our Popular Renovators Sale is Making a Comeback!


E&S Renovators Sale

Sorry, this sale has ended.

Always wanted to replace those dingy appliances and that cheap bath? Still looking for the perfect time to spruce up your laundry room? It’s now or never – with our huge Renovators Sale going on right now, you can save heaps and afford your dream renovation!

Starting now till August 19th, come on down to any E&S Trading showrooms to check out our extensive range of mid to high-end products on special. We are taking a chunky 15% off ticket price on selected kitchen, bathroom & laundry products!

Whether you’re eyeing fridges, cooktops, ovens or dishwashers, all our kitchen essentials are conveniently housed under one roof ready for you to see and experience. If your bathroom is in desperate need of an overhaul, we’ve got that covered as well. Check out our top bathroom brands including Villeroy & Boch, Hatria, Roca plus plenty more and be inspired to build your very own designer bathroom.

That’s not all - anyone who makes a purchase at an E&S showroom during the Renovators Sale promotional period will automatically go into a draw to win $5,000* E&S gift card!

Who says renovating has to be a drain on the wallet? At least not with E&S Renovators Sale. Hurry over before it’s gone! Sale must end August 19th!

Want to be the first to hear about E&S Trading sales and events? Sign up to our newsletter here, or simply "like" us on Facebook to stay in the loop.

3-Day Smeg Sale On This Weekend

Smeg Jul 2013 sale

Sorry, this sale is now over.

Cancel your plans this weekend and instead over to our showroom for the unbelievable 3-day Smeg Sale! For three days only, here’s your best chance to snap up Smeg’s awesome deals and fill your kitchen with made-in-Italy, high-end products.

E&S Trading is offering an exclusive 5-year warranty when you purchase Smeg's built-in cooking package consisting of oven, cooktop and rangehood or upright cooker and rangehood. Also, if you’re considering getting a new dishwasher, now is a good time to invest in a Smeg! E&S is absolutely not charging a dime for installation and delivery on all Smeg dishwashers during the sale period. Yay!

Plus, delight in these market wide promotions: 

• Double Oven, Double Warranty: Double warranty on DOSCA36X, DOSFA38X & DOSPA38X Total 4 years. Period Jul – Sep 2013. Via Redemption.

• Built-in Cooking Package: Purchase a Smeg built-in cooking package including oven (60cm, 70cm, 76cm or 90cm built in oven), rangehood and cooktop and receive SD1 baking dish $299, pizza stone PPR2 $350, pizza paddle PALPZ $199 & 2 x GT1P $410 - Total $1358 RRP. Via redemption.

• Visa Cash Back Offer:  Purchase a Smeg oven, cooktop, rangehood & dishwasher and receive $150 visa card via redemption. *Freestanding cooker may be substituted for oven and cooktop.

• Victoria Cooker Bonus Pack: SSDPLUS -, Pizza Stone – PPR2, Pizza Paddle – PALPZ $199, GT1P, Partial telescopic rack $205, Cookbook, Apron, Total - $1359 RRP. Period Jul – Sep 2013. Via Redemption.

• Freestanding Cooker Bonus 90cm & Above: SD1 baking dish, SSDPLUS, S009 Griddle plate Total - $1020 RRP. Period Jul – Sep 2013. Via Redemption. Excludes SA9065, SA9066 & Victoria Cooker.

Hurry, make sure to pop into your nearest E&S Trading showroom before Sunday 21st July and give your kitchen a new lease on life!

5 Tips on Buying Fridges


Getting a new fridge? With so many choices in the marketplace, it can be a daunting experience. But fret not, here’s a little guide we have put together to help you choose the right fridge for your kitchen. Read on...

5 Tips on Buying Fridges2

Electrolux 510L French Door Fridge

1) Size Matters!

Consider the size of your household and how much food you store in your fridge. If you have a big family or do your grocery shopping once a week, you may want to look at slightly larger fridges of 500L capacity or higher.

If you're working with an exisiting fridge cavity, make sure to thoroughly measure the space prior to your purchase and ensure there's enough room on the side for the doors to fully open.

2) Selecting the Style

French door, side-by-side or top and bottom mount? The style of the fridge and compartment configurations will determine how you use your fridge and go about storing your groceries. Typically, French door fridges give you a generous fridge space, perfect for big pots or wide platters. The classic fridge style of top and bottom mount is the most economical and energy efficient, with various sizes to fit into just about any fridge cavity. Depending on your preference, there’s also the side-by-side and single door units that eliminate bottom mount if you want to skip bending over at the fridge completely.

5 Tips on Buying Fridges3

Sub-Zero 805L Built-In Side by Side

3) Free Standing or In-built

The increased popularity of integrated kitchen means a growing trend for integrated refrigeration. In-built fridges allow the front door of the fridge to blend in with the cabinetry. Often made from wood, the door can be painted, stained or glossed to your liking. Routing, trim-work, and handles can also be added to make it look just like a regular cabinet door.

4) Favourite Features

The design details of a fridge can make it more convenient to use. Think about external water and ice dispenser, adjustable shelfs, chiller and crisper compartments, self-close doors and spill proof linings. Are they important to you? Your lifestyle, habits and cooking routine can help you decide the features that you want in your fridges.

5 Tips on Buying Fridges4

Beko 323L White Fridge

5) Energy Rating

As with any appliance purchase, the use and size of it will affect your electricity bills. If energy saving is priority for you, consider refrigerators with high energy ratings that will help save on energy costs. Today’s energy efficient fridges can be using ¼ of  the energy of a 15-year old fridge so hanging on to old ones can in fact be very costly!

E&S Trading offers a wide selection of the highest quality fridges and freezers from premium brands such as Fisher & Paykel, Whirlpool, Bosch, Electrolux, Westinghouse, and Sub-Zero. Drop by our showroom or shop a selection of our products online here.


>> What fridge do you have in your kitchen? What do you like or dislike about it? Share with us below or on our Facebook page.

The Block Sky High - Kitchen Reveal


describe the imageKitchen & pantry appliances Trixie & Johnno selected from E&S Trading

Another week of showdown in The Block, and it happens to be the very heart and soul of the house – the kitchen! The couples were tasked to design and put together their dream kitchen, proudly sponsored by E&S Trading of course.

Overall everyone did well for their kitchens and we saw some truly beautiful designs and innovative ideas. But the winning room for last weekend’s room reveal went to Trixie & Johnno, giving them a second win after their hotel room and ensuite renovation.

Judges were very impressed –  especially Darren, who awarded the couple a perfect ten – by the up-scale look and “penthouse” feel of the space. It’s not difficult to see why. Just check out the kitchen’s luxurious fittings and furnishings including the underfloor heating, beautiful wall tiles and that gorgeous vertical wall garden. Also, thumbs up for that integrated open-space study corner right next to the kitchen. The practical couple had thoughtfully considered how the apartment's future occupants would be interacting and using the space. Good effort in space planning indeed!

Here’s a look at the kitchen & pantry appliances Trixie & Johnno selected from E&S Trading:

Smeg 34 Litre Microwave Oven, SA37X | Smeg 74cm Gas Cooktop, Linear Design, PVS750A | Smeg 60cm Dishwasher, DWAFI149 | Liebherr Intergrated Fridge Freezer, Sicn 3056 |Smeg 90cm Wall Mount Oven, SA20XMFR8 | Blanco Under Cupboard Rangehood, BRU70X | Vintec 100btl Beer Seamless Stainless Steel

Click here to check out the galleries on The Block website.

++ To find out more about the products and appliances used in the kitchen and pantry area for the other couples on The Block Sky High, contact E&S Trading on 1300 548 243 (1300 KITCHEN) or visit your nearest E&S Trading showroom.

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