5 Day Cooking Sale Starts Friday!

Posted on Mon, October 26, 2015

Sorry, this sale is now over.

Inspire the hidden chef in you at E&S Trading’s 5 Day Cooking Sale! Whether you’re creating Italian, Indian or Indonesian cuisine, be equipped to cook up a storm with our huge range of kitchen appliances on sale starting this Friday, 30th Oct.

Work up an appetite with the latest gas hobs, induction cooktops and freestanding cookers. Bake to your heart’s delight with our top of the range ovens - choose from self-cleaning ovens, combi-steam ovens, double ovens or ask us about our extra wide ovens. Or, treat yo’self to complementary essentials like a warming drawer, coffee machine, and a KitchenAid of course!

And don’t you worry about cleaning up after the act - shop our massive dishwasher range from leading brands like Siemens, Bosch, Smeg, Electrolux and more. There are also sinks and taps to suit every size and style.

With 10-30% off RRP on nearly all the best cooking brands, it’s time to celebrate the joy of cooking again at E&S Trading.

Includes Ovens, Freestanding Cookers, Cooktops, Rangehoods, Fridges, Dishwashers, Sinks, Taps, Built-In Coffee Machines, Microwaves, Stand Mixers, Barbeques & Wine Cabinets

 Hurry, Sale must end 3rd November at all E&S Trading stores.

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Siemens Sale Starts Tomorrow!

Posted on Thu, October 01, 2015
SiemensSale Oct 2015 FBbanner

Sorry, this sale has ended.

Hey Siemens fans, been trawling the web and stores for the best Siemens deals? Well, here’s an excellent news you’d love to know – E&S Trading is having a massive Siemens Sale starting tomorrow, 2nd October, with amazing bargains on cooking and laundry packages!

Receive up to $1,000 off your Siemens cooking package*

For a limited time only, you will have the chance to receive up to $1,000 off your dream Siemens kitchen. Buy any Siemens cooking or kitchen appliances including cooktops, convection ovens, steam ovens, dishwashers, rangehoods and fridges, with a combined value of no less than $5,000 and be eligible for the following savings:

• Spend $5,000 or more and receive $500 discount

• Spend $7,500 or more and receive $750 discount

• Spend $10,000 or more and receive $1,000 discount

Be sure to keep an eye out on the new Siemens IQ700 range. Designed and engineered with the latest technology, all ovens and companion appliances in the range can be combined perfectly with each other, thanks to their coherent front panels and continuous design lines.

SiemensSale laundry

Laundry Package Bonus - Valued at $303 RRP^

Is your washing machine and dryer due to retire? We’re offering the ultimate Siemens laundry package bonus worth $303 RRP during the sale period.

With any Siemens washer and dryer purchased as a pack, receive a free stacking kit valued at $248 RRP, plus we’re throwing in bonus delivery and installation valued at $55*.

Money saved is money gained, with such great deals in store you can’t afford to miss out! E&S Trading’s Siemens Sale starts 2nd Oct and must end 18th Oct, so hurry over to your nearest store and check it out.

*Must be purchased in one transaction. Discount calculated off the ticket price in store. Valid on the purchase of Siemens kitchen and cooking appliances only. Excludes Siemens laundry range. Sale valid in store only and excludes online pricing.

^Must purchase a Siemens washing machine and Siemens dryer in one transaction. Stacking kit delivered with goods. Free delivery valid for Melbourne Metro and Geelong only. $55 discount for delivery outside. Sale valid in store only and excludes online pricing.

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Introducing the New Bosch Series 8 Kitchen Range

Posted on Mon, September 14, 2015
Bosch Series 8

Bosch has launched their latest kitchen range - Series 8, made up of ovens, dishwashers, warming drawers, a built-in coffee machine and a fully integrated refrigerator. Combining state-of-the-art technology with groundbreaking design and the most user-friendly equipment to date, Series 8 presents a complete kitchen solution for any Australian home.

Series 8 is all about great design, and nowhere is that more apparent than in its oven range. Offering greater flexibility than ever before, the Series 8 range introduces cooking technology that removes any room for error and delivers results that Bosch consumers have come to expect; perfection.

With PerfectBake™ technology, baking has never been easier. PerfectBake™ sensor constantly measures the moisture level of dishes and automatically regulates the baking process to ensure perfect results.


If the dish has finished baking, the oven switches itself off independently. All dishes, from cakes to bread and quiches, are cooked absolutely perfectly. Simply select the desired dish and press "Start", and Series 8 oven will takes care of the rest.

And with PerfectRoast technology, the new meat probe features three sensitive measuring points to determine the core temperature and automatically calculate the cooking time required for your roast. No more guesswork in the kitchen!

Perfect Roast

An added bonus for the Series 8 ovens is the new 4D hot air system. Here, the hot air is distributed evenly throughout the oven using a new kind of fan wheel that rotates in both directions alternately. This makes it possible for the user to place his or her dishes on any of the shelf positions from 1 to 4 and still always achieve a perfect cooking result.

Bosch Series 8 dishwasher

Bosch’s oven range is perfectly complemented by the Series 8 ActiveWater dishwashing range, an outstanding example of futuristic technology, simple operation and perfect results. Thanks to the eco-friendly Zeolith® Drying technology, the Series 8 ActiveWater range boasts no less than 5 Star WELS and 4 Star Energy ratings across the board.

Both Series 8 ovens and dishwashers offer the added value of TFT colour technology. Delivering a bright and clear display, consumers can navigate through the menu options with ease.

Bosch Series 8 (2)

The introduction of new warming drawers, a built-in coffee machine, and a fully integrated refrigerator has seen Bosch extend its product offering and cement its position as a market leader in built-in appliances. Sleek built-in designs, revolutionary technology and environmental efficiencies make Bosch Series 8 appliances the ultimate addition to the home.

Discover the full range of Bosch Series 8 at E&S Trading today.

Click here to view our Grand Opening Sale catalogue

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Kitchen Design & Renovation Guide

Posted on Mon, August 17, 2015
New Year Kitchen Design & Renovation Guide

More than just a space for cooking and eating, the kitchen is where all of the action in the home takes place. From entertaining guests to gathering together on Saturday mornings as a family, it's the true heart of the home.

Whether you're doing a full-scale renovation or simply updating the space, consider how you live before making any changes. Get inspired to transform your kitchen with these practical tips.

step 1

The first question you should ask yourself is: why are you renovating?

• Is it functionality? Maybe there is inadequate bench, stove or storage space. Or do you want your kitchen to flow into an outdoor or entertainment space?

• Is it style? Maybe you want to update the look of your kitchen with a new benchtop, cabinetry, splashback, colours or appliances.

• Is it value? Maybe you want to add value to your home for resale in the future.

Your reason may be one or all of these, and each will have a different effect on your renovation.

Step 1 Plan

What kind of kitchen will work for your household? (via Pinterest)

Now is a good idea to figure out your essentials and jot down all your new kitchen’s must-haves. This is when you can let your imagination run wild with lots of style and design ideas. Jump online and find inspirational images, go on Pinterest and Facebook, browse home magazines, visit E&S Trading showroom and other suppliers in your area.

Having a full understanding of what costs are involved will also help put things into perspective. As a guide, here are some common expenses to consider in your budget:

kitchen renovation budget checklist

Unless your kitchen’s layout is in desperate need of an update, it’s often better just to work with the plumbing you have, and base your renovation around what’s currently available.

You’ll be amazed how quickly the beginnings of your new kitchen will take shape in your mind. Taking notes and collecting images along the way will spark ideas for your initial discussions with a professional kitchen designer or cabinetmaker.

step 2

We wouldn’t need to point out that for any cooking recipe, you must measure the ingredients. Same for your kitchen, be sure to measure the following:

• Height of the room from the floor to the ceiling

• Length and width of the room wall-to-wall

• All walls to doorways

• Height from the floor to any windows

• Location of any old or new light switches and any existing services like plumbing

step 3

No matter how big or small, a kitchen can be divided into five zones to make it more ergonomic.

Consumable Zone - used to store goods which are replenished regularly. These include chilled and unchilled foodstuffs, so the fridge, freezer and pantry are part of this zone

Non-Consumable Zone - for items used on a daily basis – kitchen utensils, cutlery, dishes, and glasses. Often-used dishes should be stored in lower pull-outs instead of overhead wall cabinets.

Cleaning Zone - made up of the sink, waste bin, cleaning materials, and the dishwasher. Using an under-sink pull-out drawer makes efficient use of valuable kitchen storage space.

Preparation Zone - all food is prepared here, and utensils and small cooking appliances are stored and used in this zone. Pantry items that are commonly used for preparing meals can also be stored here.

Cooking Zone - the heart of the kitchen is centred around the cooktop, oven, rangehood and microwave. 

golden triangle

While you’re at it, bear in mind the golden triangle rule - the space between the fridge, cooktop/oven and dishwasher/sink should be optimised to 1.2m distance each.

step 4

Integration is the trend these days in modern kitchens. Choose appliances that can be totally integrated into your kitchen cabinetry for an ultra-modern, bespoke feel.

integrated appliances kitchen

Modern kitchen featuring integrated appliances (via interiorsbydarrenjames.com.au)

Conversely for those who embrace the eclectic or funky looks, many brands are designing retro appliances that are fashionable kitchen accessories in their own right. And don’t feel restricted by basic white or stainless steel appliances – you can inject some colour into your kitchen with gorgeous, enamelled finishes.

describe the image

Steel Genesi range adds a pop of colour in your kitchen

Brands often design their appliances in similar styles, with functions that complement each other’s appearance and operations. Stick to one brand if possible, or if you need help replacing individual appliance, visit your nearest E&S Trading showroom and talk to one of our experts.

You don’t necessary have to break the bank to give your kitchen a new lease of life. Even little changes around the kitchen can make big differences. 

kitchen appliances

Refreshed sinks, taps and other fittings can give an older kitchen a new lease on life.

If you are looking to purchase an appliance but need some assistance, feel free to give us a call at  1800 429 589. Alternatively take a look at our buying guides.

E&S Trading's Renovators Sale is on now! Rush in stores and receive amazing deals on a huge range of kitchen, bathroom and laundry products. Hurry, ends 30 August.

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Siemens Presents The New iQ700 Built-in Appliance Range

Posted on Wed, August 12, 2015
Siemens IQ700

The kitchen isn’t just a place for preparing and cooking food for the home – it’s also a room that reflects your personal style and a social place for the family to enjoy each other’s company. If you’re thinking about transforming your kitchen into a special place, the new Siemens iQ 700 range will offer you an experience like never before.

Consisting of ovens, warming draws, coffee machines and dishwashers, iQ700 range has incorporated pioneering technology and design into their appliances, along with all the amazing features that we’ve come to expect from Siemens.

Siemens iQ700 Ovens

Siemens iq700 oven

A standout in the collection is the Siemens iQ700 oven range which offers consumers faster and more flexible cooking options. Key features include varioSpeed technology, which has the ability to speed up cooking processes by up to 50% by combining traditional hot air cooking with integrated microwave functionality. Selected models also feature built-in sensors that detect exactly when your baking or roast is cooked, eliminating any guesswork so your meals turn out perfectly every single time.

Taking time-saving convenience to a new level, the newly introduced coolStart function eliminates the time wasted preheating the oven and thawing out ingredients, as it condenses the whole process into one, single cooking session.

siemens iQ700 steam

The water tank is located behind the panel in the iQ700 combi-steam and steam oven models.

iQ700 ovens offer even greater possibilities to prepare and serve up perfection on a plate, featuring four models with simple to use pulse and full steam functionality. The pulseSteam mode allows consumers to prepare perfectly crispy and juicy dishes with the addition of steam to conventional cooking, whilst the fullSteam function enables consumers to cook with 100% steam ensuring the nutritional benefit of food is maintained.

Siemens iQ700 Dishwasher

siemens iQ 700 dishwasher 01

Complementing the iQ700 oven range, the iQ700 dishwasher range is amongst the most energy and water efficient on the market. With a built-in, semi-integrated and fully integrated model, the iQ700 dishwashing range offers consumers even greater flexibility to seamlessly integrate appliances into their kitchen design. 

The eco-friendly Zeolith® Drying Technology, which uses natural Zeolite minerals to absorb moisture and convert it into heat energy, provides exceptionally dry, streak free dishes, faster and more efficiently.

siemens iQ 700 dishwasher 02

Siemens now boasts TFT (thin-film-transistor) display technology across the entire iQ700 range making navigation through wash programs and cooking settings satisfyingly easy. With several options available, the intuitive TFT displays ensure a rewarding experience when selecting desired settings.

The iQ700 range is rounded out with the addition of warming draws and a state-of-the-art built-in coffee machine. Both offer consumers pioneering technology and even greater flexibility in the home, whilst designed to sit in perfect unison with iQ700 companion appliances.

Siemens IQ700 range

Siemens iQ700 range is a striking example of Siemens designing premium home appliances that seamlessly integrate into any kitchen design, and most importantly, respond to the demands of everyday consumers.  Discover the full range exclusively at E&S Trading in Victoria today.

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E&S Trading's Massive Renovators Sale is On Now!

Posted on Fri, August 07, 2015

RenoSale BlogBanner v4

Sorry, the sale has ended.

It’s the Renovators Sale season at E&S Trading! Grab a bargain while it’s hot - a huge selection of kitchen, bathroom and laundry products are now at reduced prices.

Treat yourselves to the ultimate kitchen makeover with amazing deals on cooking appliances, fridges, dishwashers, rangehoods and more. Discover the new Bosch Series 8 range with advanced combi-steam feature. Whether you’re reheating dishes, proving dough, baking or roasting, you can set the oven to automatically add bursts of steam for enhanced cooking results.

Renovators Sale Catalogue Kitchen BBQ

Or if you’re thinking of renovating your backyard, we have a great range of outdoor appliances, guaranteed to add sizzle to your next barbeque. Check out the Capital barbeque. Manufactured in the USA, they are one of the best quality high-end grills you can buy. The enormous surface and high burner power is the ultimate entertainer’s delight. It doesn’t take long for all your steaks and chops to get a good char on the outside, sealing the juice and moisture on the inside.

With a right twist and the perfect touch, you can transform your tired-looking bathroom into an ultimate oasis. Take your cue from Hansgrohe Pura Vida range with its pure white aesthetics, a perfect match for Scandinavian style lovers. Or join the dark side and make a style statement with matt black bathroom fittings.

renovators laundry

Don’t forget about the hardest working room in the house, your laundry. Some of us use it on a daily basis so wouldn’t it be nice if you could make the experience more enjoyable? Upgrade the main engines of the room – your washing machine and dryer – to the latest models that offer automatic detergent dispensing system, powerful quick wash function, and sensor drying, just to name a few. We bet you’ll never look at doing laundry the same way again.

Need more inspiration? Our latest catalogue has lots more ideas for you to think about. Pick up a copy in store or browse online here.

Hurry, our massive Renovators Sale must end 31st August. Dream it, design it, renovate it with E&S Trading today!

renovators sale 2015 catalogue

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Big Brands Sale Now On!

Posted on Mon, July 27, 2015
esync Header

Sorry, this sale is over.

Been thinking about renovating your kitchen and laundry room but put off by the complex, lengthy process? Why not consider updating your appliances for a quick makeover? There’s never been a better time to get started than right now during E&S Trading’s massive Big Brands Sale.

For 2 weeks only, get your hands on some of the most amazing kitchen and laundry deals from leading brands like Electrolux, AEG, Dishlex, Westinghouse and Simpson. Whether you’re considering an induction cooktop, upgrading to a bigger fridge, or looking for energy-saving dryer options, there’s a huge range to choose from, all at reduced prices.

Plus, discover AEG from Germany, now making its debut at E&S Trading. As the leading supplier of premium home appliances in Europe, AEG has an exciting range of kitchen appliances available in store now including ovens, steamers, microwaves, cooktops, rangehoods and dishwashers, as well as washers and dryers for the laundry. For a limited time only, shop selected AEG kitchens appliances in one transaction and receive up to 10% off.

That’s not all, more offers await you in store! Pick up a copy of our Big Brands Sale catalogue at your nearest showroom or browse the catalogue online to find out more!

blog catalogue view

Big Brands Sale must end 9th August - don’t miss out!

Discover the latest kitchen trends and laundry innovations at E&S Trading today – now with eight stores right across Melbourne & Geelong.

*Sale valid in store only and excludes online pricing. Offer valid until 09/08/15. AEG not currently displayed in all stores. All bonus and rebate offers unless otherwise stated are by redemption only. Free delivery and basic installation is strictly limited to Melbourne metro and Geelong area only for the purchase of selected Electrolux, Dishlex, Westinghouse and Simpson appliances. Delivery fees apply to all other regions.

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Introducing The Ultimate Cooking Canvas from Smeg

Posted on Fri, July 10, 2015
Smeg Smartsense Induction Cooktop White 01

Smeg’s SmartSense induction range is another milestone in Smeg’s nearly seventy year history of breakthrough cooking technology and unequalled combination of technology with style.

Design & Style

Smeg’s SmartSense range gives customers the ability to choose from a wide range of configurations. SmartSense is available in traditional black ceramic glass, with two Surface Share zones, plus one, two or three additional induction zones. These cooktops feature indicative serigraphy on the surface.

Smeg Smartsense Induction Cooktop White 02

SmartSense Plus cooktops do not feature serigraphy, so when not in use, the beautifully clean ceramic glass surface melds seamlessly into the benchtop. SmartSense Plus is also available in pure white – a perfect complement to modern finishes like marble or polished concrete.

Smeg’s Induction Technology

The first notable innovation in Smeg’s new induction range is the shape and size of the inductors. Smeg’s SmartSense inductors are rectangular in shape rather than round or oval as found in many other induction cooktops. With Smeg induction, the whole Surface Share area is usable right to the edge, without any cold spots.


Surface Share, Smeg’s bridging technology, allows you to combine areas of your cooktop and operate these with a single control. As with professional cooking you can use pans of different shapes - long, large, irregular or rectangular; and any number of pans on the shared surface performing at the same temperature.

Smeg’s SmartSense Plus range has either double or triple Surface Share zones. SmartSense Plus also features Active Surface Control which automatically illuminates the relevant power control, so no matter where on the surface the pan is placed, the corresponding control reveals itself, taking the guesswork out of which control is operating which zone – ingenious!

SmartSense Plus

Power & Precision

Smeg SmartSense cooktops feature the most powerful technology available with a double boost of 3700W, delivering instantaneous heat if you need, for example, to quickly boil water for pasta. If this is too much, you can also select a single boost of 2300–2600W to deliver instant heat, for example, to a stir-fry. Induction can also heat very gently, similar to cooking in a bain marie, so you can melt chocolate or slow cook without fear of burning or sticking.

Absolute control is possible with a simple touch or swipe of a finger across the 1 to 9 power levels and beyond to boost or double boost.

Many popular dishes like sauces and custards are prone to splitting or scrambling if they’re not watched diligently. SmartSense induction is so responsive some of the more difficult cooking recipes and techniques suddenly become easy.

Smeg Smartsense Induction Cooktop 05

There are three Preset Temperatures to take the guesswork out of cooking – keep warm at 42°C for poaching or delicate sauces; simmer at 70°C for a consistent bubble which won’t get hotter and risk food sticking or burning on the bottom; and rolling boil at 94°C designed not to boil over. Automatic stop-cook timers can ensure you never overcook anything again.

Discover the full range of Smeg’s SmartSense induction cooktops at E&S Trading today.

+ Keep up with the latest cooking trends, sales, events, and other offers by signing up for our e-newsletter here.

+ If you are looking to purchase an appliance but need some assistance, feel free to give us a call on 1800 429 589. Alternatively take a look at our buying guides.

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V-Zug Now Available at E&S Trading

Posted on Thu, July 02, 2015
V ZUG Swiss

If it’s good enough for the Swiss, it’s good enough for E&S Trading and our customers. For over a century, V-Zug has stood for premium Swiss quality, making state-of-the-art household appliances for people who enjoy the best things in life. Now you can experience the same Swiss innovation and quality in E&S stores, with a full range of V-Zug appliances on display.

V-Zug began life as a galvaniser’s shop in 1913 and has evolved into a major high-tech company, producing kitchen appliances including ovens, steamers, microwaves, drawers, coffee-centres, hobs, rangehoods and dishwashers, as well as washers and dryers for the laundry.

Today, V-ZUG is one of the biggest employers in the canton of Zug in Switzerland, employing over 1,400 highly qualified staff in their operations.

Steam Cooking Export

Recognising that the most precious thing we have is our health, V-ZUG has released the world’s first Combi-Steam oven.  This pioneering oven delivers technologically precise, healthy steam cooked meals previously reserved for professional kitchens.

V-ZUG’s groundbreaking combi-steam oven combines the functions of a conventional oven with all the benefits of steam, transferring everyday meals into healthy, restaurant quality food at quite literally a button’s touch.

Not only will your food retains its fine flavour and brilliant colour, important vitamins and minerals are not lost in the cooking process, allowing you to serve meals with up to 22% higher vitamin content and 36% less fat. 

But, perhaps the most amazing of the combi-steam oven’s functions is the world-exclusive GourmetSteam technology that delivers the highest quality food at the touch of a button.  You can select from dozens of top chef recipes that are pre-programmed into the oven. All you need to do is pick the recipe of choice, follow the steps in preparation, select that recipe in the pre-programmed list, and voila - your master chef creation is served up with ease. 

If you’re after nothing less than perfection, V-Zug will change the way you cook and live.


V-Zug appliances are currently on display at E&S Trading Prahran, Hawthorn, Abbotsford and Geelong.

Want to try before you buy? Join us at our first ever V-Zug cooking demonstration at E&S Trading Prahran showroom this Saturday, 4th July from 11am – 3pm. Sit down in an intimate group and taste the results as our Home Economist takes you through various benefits and unique features of V-Zug appliances.

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Reno Rumble Week 6 Grand Final Rooms Reveal

Posted on Tue, June 23, 2015

Week 6 Reveal Hero resized 600

The long awaited and eagerly anticipated Reno Rumble final room reveals happened! It was nail biting-ly close, leaving us all glued to our screens as the chances shifted back and forth between each team! Ayden and Jess came out on top, winning the entire competition by just half a point. 

Blue Tongues – Contemporary Australian

Contemporary Australian design is really interesting in the sense that like the country itself, it’s a mish-mash of different borrowed features of other modern cultural designs. It additionally has to be designed so that it makes the harsh Australian climate comfortable to live in. It usually features a lot of light colours such as a light timber like a Victorian Ash so as to not heat up like a dark colour would in summer. You’ll often see a little nod to Australian history including hints industrial, bush and desert landscapes in this design. You’ll also notice the use of space, since culturally Australians value having space and freedom to move.

 CL wk6 kitchen000 204 resized 600

The kitchen is something else. The arctic whites, with matte blacks, and light timbers reminiscent of desert landscape captures the Australian feeling without bringing any tacky Australiana into the mix. There’s huge amounts of bench space and even a little sprinkling of gum leaves on the side. There were hits everywhere for the judges! Of course, this kitchen features a Siemens Fully Integrated Dishwasher. Integrated dishwashers really have become a staple in this competition. Open it up, there’s blue light shining out of the machine and around the dishes. It’s amazing; just like washing your dishes in the space age! The future is now. In front of the Subway tile splashback there’s a Siemens 90cm Black Gas Cooktop with a ASKO 86cm Concealed Rangehood.

describe the image

A standout in here is the enormous Sub-Zero Built-In 455L Refrigerator and 227L Freezer. Hailed as the Rolls-Royce in the world of food preservation, Sub-Zero refrigeration is a dream come true for professional chefs and home cooks alike. The refrigerator and freezer each have its own dedicated, sealed system with compressor and evaporator; this means fresh and frozen foods maintain their individual integrity, and are perfectly preserved. Feeling some major jealousy right now, the Blue Tongues homeowner is so lucky. It’s all perfectly arranged too, with the Siemens 60cm Built in Oven and Siemens Combi Microwave Oven sitting alongside. You certainly don’t have to walk far to pop something in the oven! The Zip Hydrotap G4 in Matte Black and Gessi Just Pullout Mixer in Matte Black look perfect combined with the Franke Kubus KBG 110 – 50 Onyx Sink. Everything in this image ties together perfectly. Judge Romy gave a special mention to the sink and tapware.

 CL wk6 terrace009 051 resized 600

The transition is effortless to the semi-alfresco set-up. It’s designed with seamless sky-lighting from the kitchen. The judges called it an entertainer's dream! And they were not at all wrong! This baby features the Capital 40” Built-In Stainless Steel BBQ with a (safety first) Condor 120cm Stainless Steel Rangehood sitting above. This area is genius, designed so that people can enjoy the Australian summer without having to endure the Australian summer. In true Australian Fashion there is a Husky Alfresco Double Door Bar Fridge right next to the BBQ. If you’re going to have such a monumental BBQ you need to finish off the look with a fresh stubby in hand! There’s even another Franke Kubus Onyx Sink out here! Paired off perfectly with the KWC Ono Kitchen Pullout Sink Mixer for quick and easy outdoor clean up!

 CA wk6 hall laundry006 056 resized 600

You guessed it, this neat little laundry is jam packed with more Siemens products. Standing stacked, proud, and prominent are the Siemens 8kg i-Dos Front Load Washing Machine and the Siemens 7kg Condenser Sensor Dryer. i-Dos stands for ‘intelligent Dosage system for optimal washing’. That’s right! It’s a self-dispensing washer.The smart little sensors figure out how heavy the load is and dispenses the optimum amount of detergent! Never have dosage struggles again, just fill up the detergent section and only replace when it needs!

 CL wk6 bath002 110 resized 600

This bathroom clearly says Contemporary Australian. There’s an Australian timber vanity sitting perfectly with the Sign New Square Astone Vessel Basin on top. The Forme Logan 750mm Shaving Cabinet is a delight to look at. The bathroom has clearly been planned around it. It all really comes together rather nicely as a little nook. The tiling in the shower is to die for! It just gives off that feel of wet concrete in the summer and diving in rocky swimming holes. It’ll be a perfect cool sanctuary during a hot summer with water from the Hansgrohe Raindance Connect Showerpipe Showerhead falling down overhead.

This home feels really beautifully Australian with minimalist and naturalistic touches keeping it from feeling overdone or tacky. It’s clean, light, and classy. It’s a design that is really practical in a harsh climate such as this one. It brings out what’s beautiful about the country while making the trickier bits more liveable. 


Redbacks – Contemporary Classic with a Twist of Plantation

Talk about how the blockheads did

This brief is little bit tricky. It sounds like a fusion of two styles, when it’s really four styles mixed together. Contemporary classic is exactly as it sounds; a contemporary take on classic design. So curves and over-ornamentations are smoothed out. Something timeless. Plantation style is referring to the plantations that were owned by the overly wealthy who made their money by paying others very little (or not at all) to harvest their crops. So naturally, they went all out on their homes picking out the design styles for the wealthy, like Rococo and mixing it with tropical accents and additions. Plantation owners were the cashed up bogans of the past. This design has to be modern, but classic, but ornamented, but tropical... Tough.

 JA wk6 kitchen dining011 284 resized 600

The kitchen definitely has that feeling come across. The columns on the island bench and timber accents definitely say Plantation, as well as the palm leaves resting on the bench. It’s the little touches that matter in this brief. The appliances bring out the Contemporary Classic part of this brief with the decorative bits add the Plantation vibes. The ASKO Pro Series Fully Integrated Fridge & Freezer is perfect in styling and has contemporary use as a wine chillier. The paired ASKO Pro Series 90cm Duo Fusion Gas & Induction Cooktop and ASKO 90cm Air Logic Canopy Rangehood are perfect together. Why choose between induction and gas? Just have both!

Probably one of the best appliance advancements in recent years is how much microwaves now look like actual ovens. It means it’s so easy to put your ASKO Series 5 Pyrolytic Oven and ASKO Series 5 Combi Microwave right beside each other with no second glances. There’s even a little ASKO 14cm High Warming Drawer situated underneath the Microwave. Your dishes can go straight from the oven or microwave to the warmer. Too easy. The judges loved and commented on the inegrated appliances. Tick, tick, tick!The Blanco 40cm Undermount Single Bowl Sink blends into the bench easily with a KWC Deck Mounted Kitchen Mixer with Pull-Down Aerator and the Zip Chilltap Sparkling Water Filter. Instant sparkling water is a perfect addition to this house. Nice one, Redbacks!

 JA wk6 bath041 420 resized 600

The bathroom is really pleasant. It has all the needed lightness with the touches of plantation in place. It’s impressive how much the Ayden & Jess have done with this space. It’s not just a bathroom, it’s a laundry. There’s even a door to slide across for you to choose whether to show off your ASKO Arctic 7kg Front Load Washing Machine and ASKO 6.5kg Sensor Consensor Dryer of keep them delicately concealed. The vanity is a delicate design, definitely classic. The Hatria Dolcevita Wash Basin 100 whispers ‘contemporary’, but the Brodware Neu England Basin Set with Swivel Spout says ‘embellished plantation’.

 describe the image

This bathroom features more gorgeous fixings from the Neu England collection, giving an elegant consistency across the room. The wide Berloni Bagno 1136mm Mirror Cabinet in Gloss White is gorgeous, leaving room for multiple people to tidy up their look at the same time. The judges were in love with how there was mirror on the inside when opened. So much storage! Ayden & Jess have manged to fit in a Kaldewei Conoduo 1700mm Bath in here as well as give the Villeroy & Boch Subway Wall-Face Pan Toilet a little extra cosy bit of privacy in here. Smart move, since when you’re lounging in the bath you don’t want to keep your head next to the loo!

This house did amazingly on a really really tricky brief, pulling together all of these elements wonderfully. It feels airy, it feels elegant, it looks tropical, it looks clean. This is a really well put together home.

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