Fisher & Paykel New Generation Oven

Posted on Fri, June 17, 2016


Welcome to the next generation in Fisher & Paykel Built-in Oven. Designed specifically for Australasian cooking styles, the OB60SL11DEPB1 offers unmatched performance and outstanding design in the kitchen.

Your cooking experience starts right from the exterior. Finished in sleek black reflective glass and polished metal trim to give every appearance of a classically elegant look. The clean lines and design details also match the rest of the Fisher & Paykel kitchen appliance family.

OB60SL11DEPB1_Mug_RGB-1.jpgThe built-in oven doesn’t just look great, when it comes to function, it packs a serious punch. The generous 77 litre internal capacity fits 30 percent more than traditional European ovens making it one of the largest 60cm ovens on the market.

It also features the unique ActiveVent technology that allows you to control the moisture level in your cooking for perfect results. Choose from 11 cooking functions - including fan forced and classic bake - with pre-set temperatures all at the touch of a dial.


This model offers a pyrolytic self-cleaning function, a handy feature that breaks down food residue and grease at very high temperature. This means that instead of scrubbing away at heavily soiled surface, residues will be turned into a light ash, and you can easily remove with a swipe of a damp cloth.

If you’re looking for an oven that will make cooking and cleaning easier than ever, the Fisher & Paykel OB60SL11DEPB1 is the ideal option. Exclusively available at e&s in Victoria.

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Mega May Sale! Great deals on top kitchen, bathroom and laundry brands!

Posted on Mon, May 16, 2016


Sorry, this sale has ended.

May is all about top brands and mega savings. Our latest catalogue features an array of hot deals for all your kitchen, bathroom and laundry needs.

If your cooking space is less than ideal, it's time to upgrade and pocket some savings along the way! Shop now and save up to $900 on AEG pyrolytic ovens plus receive up to 20% off AEG appliances. Looking to replace your dishwasher? For a limited time only, Asko has some great saving with $300 off selected Asko dishwashers.

Don't forget about the laundry, one of the most hardworking rooms in the house. Save up to $600 on selected Miele washing machine and tumble dryer package. 

If you're renovating your dream bathroom, make sure to check out our amazing range of bathroom products and accessories. Choose from high-end Italian tapware, classy freestanding bathtub, designer basins and vanity, or perhaps just something simple in-between.


Discover these great deals and more in our latest catalogue. Pick up a copy at your nearest e&s showroom or click here to browse online. e&s Mega May Sale must end 29 May.

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Smeg Launches The Fashion Fridge

Posted on Wed, April 13, 2016

What happens when a high fashion brand sells refrigerators?


One of the biggest names in fashion, Dolce & Gabbanna have teamed up with fellow Italian company Smeg to design special edition “Fab 28” Smeg retro fridges. Once a classically styled Smeg fridge characterized by the chunky 1950s handle and a retro style colour palette, it's now transformed into an exquite work of art – not to mention a highly functional one too.

FAB28 is designed to make an impression. The quintessential D&G attitude and artistic brilliance is captured in the form of hand painted Sicilian art, featuring a spectacular montage of medieval knights, cartwheels, fruits, floral motifs, all of which have appeared in past D&G collections.


D&G released a statement saying that the collaboration between the premium appliance manufacturer and world famous fashion house has materialized through a united passion for ‘Made in Italy’ excellence, a deep respect for family tradition and the importance of maintaining local roots.

Only 100 of these exclusive stylish refrigerators were made, and they’re available through Dolce & Gabbana’s website.


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Glass Vs. Stainless Steel Bowl – Which Is Better?

Posted on Fri, April 01, 2016


A good stand mixer is a true workhorse in the kitchen for anyone who bakes more than occasionally. Things like mixing ability, wattage, build quality and attachments are important considerations that influence the way you cook, but what about the mixing bowl? Have you given it much thought?

The decision between choosing glass or stainless steel bowl is one that plagues many of our customers, so for today’s post we’re going to offer some helpful rundown for both options.


The glass bowl is often preferred by home cooks for its aesthetic quality.

The short answer to which is best – glass or stainless steel – is that both are fantastic to work with, but each has its own quirk.

Glass bowls benefits:

  • Easy-to-read ingredient quantities on the marked bowl – has standard and metric measurements moulded into the side.
  • A silicone lid can be placed on the bowl when proving dough. It also helps keep the bowl clean when the stand mixer is not in use (lid only available when bowl is purchased as a separate accessory. Platinum Stand Mixer glass bowl does not include lid.)
  • Made of tempered glass.
  • Dishwasher, freezer and microwave-safe.
  • Moulded pouring spout makes pouring batters easy, minimising spills and drips.
  • Glass retains an even temperature (creaming of butter and sugar in winter is easier).
  • You can see the mixture / batter / dough from all angles.
  • Easy-hold handle.

Tips for use:

  • Remove the thread ring before using the bowl in the microwave.
  • To avoid product damage, do not use the glass bowl in areas of high heat such as an oven or stove top.


Stainless steel bowl is commonly used by all professional cooks

Steel bowls benefits:

  • Remains cool during beating, keeps mixtures cool, good when used in warm climates as it helps prevent splitting and curdling.
  • Assists in optimum volume with egg whites for meringues and mousses, etc.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Won’t crack or chip.
  • Bowl can be warmed over a flame – this is common practice in commercial kitchens.
  • Buffing and polishing is easy with a soft cloth and hot water.

Tips for use:

  • Winter temperatures will chill the bowl, making creaming initially difficult for the home cook, but this is a huge plus for hot weather.
  • Egg whites beaten in a stainless steel bowl are quicker to beat into a fluffier looking, firmer meringue (approx 5 minutes). Using a glass bowl takes approximately 8 minutes. Both bowls produce good quality meringue, however.

So there you have it, comparisons for both options. Whether you prefer the glass or stainless steel bowl for your KitchenAid mixer, you can find them in our stores or shop online here.

Now for a limited time only, shop selected KitchenAid KSM 160* stand mixer at e&s at a super low price of $649, plus receive a bonus ice-cream bowl attachment valued at RRP $199. Offer available on almond cream and empire red only. Strictly while stocks last. Hurry, offer valid 1st – 4th April 2016.


*Receive a bonus ice cream bowl attachment valued at $199 RRP with the purchase of KitchenAid KSM160 Stand Mixer in empire red or almond cream.

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Do you have these 3 smart features in your new oven?

Posted on Tue, March 29, 2016


If you’re thinking about buying a new oven, the first question you should really be asking yourself is – am I getting a smart oven?

Just as nobody buys a mobile phone anymore these days, it’s all about the smart phone and smart technology. Besides, getting an oven is a long-term purchase, and you definitely don’t want to be stuck with an outdated appliance in your kitchen for a decade. So you ask – what is a smart oven then?

steel_genesi_steam_copy.jpgSteel Genesi combi-steam cookers

For one, combi-steam technology will be the norm. Traditionally, we are forced to choose between the fast and healthy steam-cooking, or the crisping and browning capabilities of convection ovens. The new generation ovens today combine the functions of steam and hot air, opening up a whole new world in culinary art.

v-zug_swiss_oven.jpgSwiss Perfection from V-ZUG

In the same way induction cooking has made cooktops faster, cooler, cleaner and greener, advances in oven technology have taken the guesswork out of cooking. Preset menus automatically control the desired oven and temperature settings, and built-in sensors detect when your baking or roast is cooked, leaving you with perfect results every time.

pyrol_oven.jpgBosch pyrolytic self-cleaning system

The term pyrolytic would have raised eyebrows five years ago, but these days more and more people are shopping for ovens with pyrolytic self-cleaning function. Using super high temperatures of 500°C, a pyrolytic oven turns food residue and grime into ash which can then be easily wiped clean using a damp cloth. If you entertain often or do roast regularly, this is a great feature you can’t go without.

Do you have any of the above smart oven features? Share with us your experience in the comments below.

If you’re looking to create a space that leaves a stylish impression while ensuring it has all the elements that fit your lifestyle, e&s has the star ingredients for your kitchen makeover. Visit your nearest e&s showroom today.

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V-ZUG: The Power of Steam

Posted on Tue, February 23, 2016

Switzerland is a nation of inventors, the land of precision watches and home to world-famous chocolate. Sounds like a cliché? The fact is: “Swiss made” is regarded around the world as a reliable quality label. This honourable reputation is no accident. Numerous Swiss personalities and companies have contributed to establishing it over decades. V-ZUG has as well.

This mark of quality, together with a hundred years of innovation and experience makes V-ZUG a leader in kitchen and laundry appliances.

For today’s blog post, we are heading to the home of V-ZUG in East Kew to learn why their ovens are the best in the world. Read on…

v-zug_combi_steam_02.jpgThe alphorn, a traditional instrument in the Alps of Switzerland.

v-zug_combi_steam04.jpgThe alphorn, a traditional instrument in the Alps of Switzerland.

v-zug_combi_steam_02.jpgCatherine Fankauser, V-ZUG lead trainer and demonstrator.

Our host for the day, Lead Trainer and Demonstrator, Catherine Fankauser, started the day with some interesting insights about the company. Did you know that V-ZUG originally stands for Verzinkerei Zug where verzinkerei is the Swiss word for galvanising and Zug is of course the city of Zug where it all started? Its roots as a tinware galvanising plant laid the foundations for the huge success that V-ZUG has seen in Switzerland today.

We swiftly moved on to the stars of the show – the new generation V-ZUG ovens. The recently released line of ovens is a genuine step up in terms of technology and design for V-ZUG. Gone are the little silicone buttons and controls, instead we now have a sharp-looking digital display with a single central adjusting knob.


We had a go at the controls as we attempted to cook our lunch in these beauties and the new interface has proven to be intuitive and so easy to operate. All the settings and functions can be seen at a glance, but when idle or switched off, the display becomes invisible, offering a clean, uncluttered presence.

Its classy appearance is equally matched by cutting edge Swiss technology within – a fully automatic system that offers reliable, fast, and perfect results.

The almighty BakeOmatic is a life-saver for busy cooks and home entertainers. You could literally cook anything without having to babysit the dish and there is no need to enter cooking time, temperature, operating mode or weight manually.The intelligent V-ZUG oven or steamer will automatically detect the menu's weight and size, selects the optimum sequence of different operating modes and accurately determines the required temperatures and cooking times.

Shortly after starting the process, you already know when your dish will be ready thanks to the sophisticated system that does calculations faster than you can say ZUGORAMA. There is no guess work at all; even less experienced cooks will conquer the hearts of their gourmet guests.

Another worthy mention is the patented SoftRoasting technology. Simply insert the probe that comes with the oven into your choice of meat, select your cut of meat on the menu and how you want it cooked, and your meat will be slowly roasted at a low temperature to perfection.

v-zug_combi_steam05-1.jpgOur beef fillet was cooked on medium-rare setting for 4.5 hours to the exact core temperature of 600C.

v-zug_combi_steam03.jpgSimple ingredients, big flavour, perfectly cooked.

With all these talk about food, our stomachs were rumbling by mid-day. V-ZUG definitely didn’t disappoint us with their variety and quality of lunch - the canapés, mains and dessert were all cooked in V-ZUG ovens and the results speak for themselves.

Many of us were left particularly gobsmacked by the ice-cream wrapped in crispy filo - something that simply cannot be made in a conventional oven! The filo pastry was crispy as anything and the ice-cream was firm and not even a little bit melted.

The secret to making this dessert is the ability of the oven to superheat the cavity with the help of steam. V-ZUG’s combi steam oven was able to bring temperatures up so quickly and bake the pastry that the ice-cream didn’t even have a chance to melt!

If you have a passion for cooking or simply love food, you must find out more about the power of combi-steam cooking with V-ZUG. And you could do that by booking in to one of our free V-ZUG in-store cooking demonstrations. Discover new cooking methods, learn about the benefits of V–ZUG appliances, see and taste the results for yourself!

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V-ZUG - Made in Switzerland

Posted on Sun, February 21, 2016


V-ZUG built-in appliances can be combined at will, be it horizontally in a line or as an elegant block combination.

Shopping for a quality oven that triumphs in technology and innovation? You can't look past V-ZUG.

Premium Swiss quality and 100 years of innovation and experience makes V-ZUG a market leader in kitchen appliances. And more recently, they have introduced a brand new kitchen range that is making headlines in the industry.

Their new generation built-in ovens are looking razor sharp, featuring clean lines and a refined aesthetic. Silicone buttons and controls are a thing of the past, now all cleverly integrated into a single central adjusting knob. The range also boasts full graphic displays, with some models featuring integrated touch screen control and the option of retractable handle. When the appliance is switched off, all function displays become invisible, enhancing the simple elegant look.


The new generation V-ZUG ovens will inspire you with new functional features and an elegant design.

Its beauty is equally matched by the cutting edge Swiss technology within -  a congregation of automated systems and intelligent functions to help you get dinner on the table faster and consistently great every time.

With features like BakeOmatic for spontaneous cooking ideas, patented SoftRoasting technology for the tenderest meat you can imagine, and more than 100 saved recipes from international professionals that can be called up with the touch of a button, a V-ZUG oven is designed for those who like the best in life.

Need to cook for a large family? Or regularly host dinner parties? V-ZUG has an oven to suit, with capacities up to 68 litres and the ability to cook on multiple shelves at once. Then there is also the Automatic regeneration technology in the Combi oven that means you can keep food warm in the oven without any loss of quality or moisture.

When it comes to cleaning, V-ZUG likes to make your life easy. Pyrolytic self-cleaning uses heat to make cleaning the inside of your oven a breeze, while TouchClean stainless steel fronts make finger prints on the outside almost a thing of the past.


V-ZUG Combi-Steam MSLQ. The world's first appliance to combine three heating methods in one: oven, steam and microwave.

More recently, the new Combi-Steam MSLQ has become the first oven to combine three types of heating - conventional, steaming and microwave - in a single appliance. 

Never before has gourmet cooking been this fast and sophisticated. Now you can easily prepare the finest menus and precooked recipes in no time at all.

Keen to find out more? Why not join us in store for a free cooking demonstration class and learn all about the benefits and unique features of V-ZUG ovens. Click here to view our cooking demonstration dates. 

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Stay Cool This Summer

Posted on Fri, January 08, 2016


The grass is always greener on the other side, and that’s especially true when it comes to season. During winter, all you want is a warm summer day. But when the December heat bears down on you and you’re sweating buckets, oh what wouldn’t you give for a bit of cool breeze…

Today we have a couple of handy tips to help you cope with the heatwave, so you can still enjoy summer time – because right now the grass really is greener.


1. Cooling the home

First up, keep the heat out. Block draughts and ensure there is sufficient insulation in ceilings and walls. Closing curtains and shading the outside windows with awnings, vines, trees or a shade sail can also help to keep the house temperature low.

In Victoria, our long hot summer means having an air conditioner is more of a necessity than a luxury. Investing in a reverse cycle air conditioning system can make the heat much more bearable during the warm days, as well as heat up the home in winter.

Make sure to set temperatures on the air conditioner between 24 and 25 degrees to avoid putting additional load on energy usage. Even one degree cooler can up your cooling bill by 15%!


2. In the kitchen

When temperatures are running high, the oven is a no-go. That's why summer is the perfect time to use your creativity in the kitchen and find innovative ways to prepare meals.

When it's too hot to chew a salad, we reach for cold soups. Got a blender? Good. You’ll have cold soup in minutes. Most recipes are quick and easy to make like these ones.

Not cooking food all summer long is bound to get boring, so thank goodness for appliances such as rice cookers, microwaves and slow cookers. These low-effort appliances can make a nice hot meal without making your house overheated.


Your fridge isn’t just for storing food, you can put household items and beauty products to cool them off too.

Want to have a good night’s sleep during summer time? Chill your bed by placing folded sheets and pillow casings in plastic bags and letting them cool off in the fridge for a few hours. Pull them out just before going to bed for a cool and comfortable sleep.

Keeping face creams and foundations in the fridge can prolong their shelf life; the cooling sensation upon application is extra bonus during summer.


3. Backyard and the barbeques

Summer is the season for pool parties, beach time, and of course, barbeques. No, we don’t mean in the middle of the day but when it gets cooler in the evenings, cooking in the backyard can be a lot nicer than cooking in a sweaty kitchen. Pull out the bean bag, garden furniture and mozzie coil, and make your outdoor space a nice place to hang out.


4. Water is your best friend

Staying hydrated is the best way to keep cool. If you're tired of the same-old ice water, add some fruit slices to sparkling water or make flavoured ice tea with tea bags.

Another simple yet effective way to lower the body temperature is by spraying yourself with cold water from a spray bottle.

When all else fails, taking a cool shower once or twice everyday never disappoints. Frequent showers help lower body temperature while also rinsing off body sweat, making you feel a lot more comfortable even during hot days.

E&S Trading's New Year Resolution Sale is on now with great bargains on a huge range of kitchen, bathroom, laundry and household products. Browse our latest catalogue online or visit your nearest store now.

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The Difference is Gaggenau. Discover it at E&S Trading.

Posted on Mon, December 14, 2015


Iconic. Premium. Brilliant. Gaggenau has been the pioneering brand for home appliances for centuries and is the leading innovator in cooking technology and design. With more than 300 registered patents under its belt and a string of internationally acclaimed products, this German powerhouse is revolutionising the way we cook and live.

Much of what households take for granted today comes originally from Gaggenau. Some of their best known innovations include the glass ceramic cooktop, the pyrolytic self-cleaning system, the combi-steam oven for home or the Vario cooling series, the modular system that realised the world's first cooling wall.

gaggenau.jpgThe 400 series brings modern professional technology into private kitchens.

When it comes to cooking, Gaggenau 400 series kitchen range clearly stands out from the competition. Gaggenau has found that special spot – celebrating function and form in its appliances, characterised by the latest technology and stunning good looks.

The 400 series ovens are perfectly designed to satisfy various culinary styles and preferences. The range consists of ovens, combi-steam and steam ovens, combi-microwave ovens, microwaves, fully automatic espresso machines and warming drawers.


The striking appearance of 400 series ovens is both contemporary and timeless. Solid stainless steel facade emphasizes its strong character. A restrained design along with handleless protruding door sings a sleek, urban song. The appliances can be built into wall cabinets beside or over one another, installed under the worktop, in any combination to form a perfect unit.


If you ever had to deal with complexities and confusing operations in appliances, you’ll appreciate a well-designed interface and intuitive controls. The primary functions of the Gaggenau oven are controlled via two rotary knobs with the selected settings constantly visible on the TFT touch display. A quick glance at the oven is all it takes to know how long you have been baking.

Depending on the combination of appliances and the space available, you can even choose selected 400 series ovens with a control module located at the top or the bottom.

gaggenau_oven_interior.jpgThe blue enamel inside Gaggenau oven is a recognised brand and quality mark.

Their internal technology is every bit as remarkable as their external appearance. Inspired by the professional kitchen, Gaggenau has made a breakthrough innovation, being the first manufacturer to offer a fully automatic cleaning system for the combi steam oven.

With the help of a cartridge, the fully automatic cleaning system effortlessly cleans even heavily soiled combi-steam ovens as thoroughly as pyrolytic cleaning does. This makes healthy cooking, grilling and gratins even more attractive now that the tiresome chore of manual cleaning is dispensed with completely.


In addition, quadruple glazed, partially thermally coated oven doors are indispensable for Gaggenau ovens. Much of the heat is reflected inside and the outer pane remains at a temperature of at most 65°C, even when the pyrolytic process is at a temperature of 485°.

Ovens 400 series are available in 60cm / 76cm. Discover the full diversity of Gaggenau ovens at E&S Trading stores.

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Australian Home – The Entertainer's Kitchen

Posted on Wed, November 04, 2015

On today’s blog, you’re invited into an Australian home in Melbourne East, which has recently won the coveted KBDI Best Medium Kitchen in Victoria for 2015.

Designed by Lindsay Williams from Mint Kitchen Group, the brief behind this single-storey home in Burwood called for an entertainer’s kitchen, with special emphasis on a cool home bar. Other considerations include a highly functional layout coupled with overall easy maintenance.

Working closely with the homeowner, Lindsay designed a fully-functional G-shape kitchen right in the heart of the open plan living area.

Quarts grey benchtop with waterfall ends echoes the modern personality of the home, while attention-grabbing light pendants add warmth and character.

The cabinets feature slick, handle-less styling, with many large format drawers providing highly functional storage, and a bi-fold appliance cupboard hide small appliances and maintain the clean lines of the design.

By contrast, the textural timber veneer finishes and printed glass splash-back provide an organic counterpoint to the otherwise lineal style of the kitchen.

As an avid drinker and wine collector, the homeowner has a hankering to display and store his prized collection of top shelf liquor and wines. The result is a bar area incorporating eye catching translucent acrylic backlit panel and floating glass overhead shelves, creating an atmospheric space to share a drink with friends.

The room is not without its challenge. “The kitchen needed to integrate with the larger living space, which included a dining area, informal lounge and home theatre room. Lighting was a major consideration in the kitchen, since the room had little natural light.” Lindsay says.

A custom printed glass splashback featuring stylish images of a well-known Italian actress

While the design concept is kept functional and practical, the appliances are striking in both form and function. The client selected Bosch oven, cooktop, rangehood and microwave complete with a Franke sink and Dorf tap all from E&S Trading.

E&S Trading is proud to partner Mint Kitchen Group as a kitchen, bathroom and laundry specialist. We offer a range of exclusive brands and products to customers with a discerning eye for quality and aesthetic. Discover them at our showrooms today.

Love our Australian homes series? Read more here

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